Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alan's First Soccer Game!

This weekend Alan had his first ever soccer game! Technically it was just a practice scrimage to teach the kids the concept of an actual game, but he still did great! He was on the red team this week and was paired up with Coach Ashley. He was mostly a forward and played defense a few times as well. I hope next week he gets a chance to play goalie! I think that he would do very well in that position, he likes to pick the soccer ball up with his hands a lot lol! We're still working on that one lol! :P

Team meeting before the first game!

He had a few friends on his team and surprisingly it was an all boy team lol. I'm not sure if this helped the situation or not. :P Those boys were rowdy! They stole the ball from everyone, even their own teammates! Crazy guys!

Alan was an alternate for the first half of the game, but he did play the second half. It took some time for him to get used to going back and forth with the soccer ball while playing lol, he was so confused by that at first! He originally was trying to score in his own goal everytime they were in the area lol. But then he figured out to only score where the yellow goalie was. He was pretty good when he was focused lol.

Coach Ashley is a great coach. She works well with each child and can connect with the kids. They listen to her and respect her, she gives them a chance to voice their own opinions too. Alan just adores her and Coach Johnny, he thinks they are both so darn cool! Being a teacher myself, I am always worried that my child isn't getting all the attention needed. I am afraid that most teachers assume that we can help our own kids out, since we know what we're doing. But I actually like to see other teachers and coaches interact with my kids. I like them disciplining my children, instead of waiting for me to step in. When I am with my own children, I like to play parent and not teacher.Because I will not always be there as a discipliner, my children need to learn to listen to all authority figures. Coach Ashley is great at this! Even if I am right there, she has no problem stepping in and talking to Alan. One of the many reasons we love her! Here she is showing Alan how to do a corner kick during a soccer game!

Aunt Natalie is quite proud of her nephew for playing soccer. She did YSA soccer for years as a kid and loved it! I have memories as a teen walking her to Terry Park because I had a crush on her soccer coach lol. Now her soccer coach is happily married and a family friend of ours (we went to their wedding, so pretty!). How time changes! :) But anyways, Aunt Natalie really wishes that she could see him play or at practice. Unfortunately though, he will already be done with soccer by the time she is back in town! :/ I am going to figure out filming his next game so I can send it to her though!

His real soccer game season starts next week, I think he will be ready. The kids are still just grasping the idea of how a game works. But they will get there soon! They are such little hard workers, I am so proud of all of them! Great job Alan and teammates!

Another great action shot! Alan is mid wipeout lol!

Defense, defense, defense!

Remember that other good news I was talking about earlier????? Well I can officially announce that not only have I taken over teaching the gymnastics program at the YMCA! I am currently teaching only the Tumble 1 classes right now but next session I will also teach the Tumble 2 classes. And by summertime, we will be offering a Tumble 3 class as well! I will now be teaching gymnastics three days a week! That's a total of six gymnastics classes and two hip hop classes! I have a few more classes they I may be taking over this summer too. But those are all just talk now, so I will have to wait on those too!

Be sure to drop in here tomorrow, I will be posting about our awesome weekend we had! Chuck E. Cheese, playdates with our friends and the circus! Oh and tomorrow is Uncle Tyler's birthday! Yay big day! :D

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