Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tumbling Queens

It was a week full of showcases for my gymnastics class! I was quite excited for my girls! Our week started out with the Tumble Bears showcase. Only two of my three girls were there but I had passed all of them to Tumble 1 once they turned five years old. They were all quite excited!

My showcase floor are prepared for my students

My girls did such a great job! They are twins and were surprisingly quite nervous. For my Tumble Bears classes, we just show each skill one at a time.They aren't quite old enough to remember and perform a whole routine yet, especially if this is their first year in gymnastics. Regardless, they executed each gymnastics skill perfectly! I am so proud of them! They had quite the audience too, with their parents, aunt and cousins all there! It was a decent sized audience, but they didn't care once we had begun. Great job girls! I hope to see you in class next week!

We all matched that day too lol! Awesome!

Tuesday night, I had two gymnastics showcases. One for each class I taught. The first class, my 5:30 5-7 year olds, did very well in their performance. Unlike the Tumble Bears class, they performed actual routines exhibiting their skills on the floor and the beam. They performed the floor routine twice and the beam routine once each. I thought they did very well! I am super proud of them too! Great job ladies! You remembered both routines and executed the skills very well. :) I even passed 4 of the 6 girls in class, that's a lot! Most kids take a level (Tumble 1 or otherwise) for a whole year. The fact that most of these girls passed with only having taken one 7 week class is very impressive!

For the Tumble 1 classes, we did two photos. A group photo with their certificates and a "skills" photo. I had a parent take my pictures for me since the students wanted me in with them. And the parent, who is still amazing by the way, must've accidently not saved the skills picture for this class. But here is the adorable certificate photo! So cute! Love you gals so much! Come back to class next week!

My beautiful gymnasts and I

My second class, the 6:30 8-10 year old class, also were very successful in their showcase performances. Only two of my three girls performed but all of them passed to Tumble 2! Wonderful job ladies! I am so proud of all of your hardwork and dedication! You all gre so much in the 7 weeks we have been together. Thank you for always pushing yourself in class and for applying the corrections I made. You will all be great gymnasts one day! I just know it!

My wonderful older girls with their passing certificates! :)

Our skills photo, these girls are amazing!

Thank you to everyone who helped make these gymnasts great! To all the parents and siblings, grandparents and aunts, you are awesome! Thank you for bringing them to class every week, supporting them through the rough times, celebrating every victory and always cheering them on! And a big thank you to our Y staff and our gymnastics director, Chris. You are all so wonderful, the showcase wouldn't have been so fantastic without you guys! :D

I hope to see you all in class next week! Let's get bendy! :D

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