Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy birthday Aunt April!

Today is Aunt April's fifteenth birthday.

Gotta love the model status with a sombero lol

I still can remember my mom being pregnant with her, I remember the day she was born, I even remember the first day she can home. April has been a wild spitfire since Day One! She gave Nat and I a run for our money as big sisters lol! She is a feisty, determined little lady! I know that with all of her hardwork and dedication, one day April will be doing something great. In the dance world or otherwise, she is definitely going to make people talk.

She isn't just an amazing person, she is a wonderful aunt! Anna and Alan just adore her, they love to play with her and annoy her lol. They are great buddies too, especially Miss Anna and her. Anna's favorite thing to do is help Aunt April do her hair and make up. She is isn't the most helpful but Aunt April stilll works well with her lol. :) Ah they love her! Pretty sure that Anna wants to be just like her when she is older! Oh we are sure in trouble lol! :P

Aunt April and Anna snuggling last spring

I have this feeling in my core that April will grow up and do something BIG in the dance world. She is too amazing to not be! Seriously, her average solo scores at dance competitions are first place with a spot on the Top Ten list. She is a favorite of dance judges, teachers, choreographers, partners, everyone just loves her! Her technique is near flawless at this point and her flexibility is top notch! Her professionalism is wonderful too, she listens to everything and takes criticism with grace. She has to continue to perform throughout her life, because I honestly would not be happy if I didn't get to see her perform consistently enough. I love watching her dance! She is truly phenomenal!

April at Pioneer Park last summer

Alan and Aunt April have always had this chill bond. I think its because she has been his little buddy since he was a baby. :) Alan is all boy all the time, but still enjoys hanging with Aunt April and watching dance. He will also always insist on going along with me to April's dance performances, to support her and watch. He is such a sweet boy! What a little gentleman!

Alan and Aunt April

Here is the collage I posted on FB and IG this morning for her birthday. (Going Clockwise) April at Pioneer Park for our dance photoshoot, April and Alan when we announced my pregnacy with Anna, April in California, April and us at her recital last year, April with her first pair of pointe shoes and April with Anna at Spotlight this year. So awesome!

Happy birthday Aunt April! We love you so much!

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