Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Aunt Natalie and Benton Came to Visit!

Aunt Natalie and Benton came to town for a visit this weekend. Aunt April and I had to try on our bridesmaid dresses for her wedding and we had to get shoes too. Plus, they mostly just wanted to see us now instead of next month lol. But it was awesome! We went out to dinner, took Benton to Chuck E Cheese for the first time, got our dresses and our shoes for the wedding, visited both great grandparents in town and went to the mall. The kids had a wonderful three days together. They all enjoy each other so much too! What a great little group of kids!

The first thing I had to do when I saw him was snuggle! I had worked all day long and just wanted to chill with my boy! I had missed him so, it had been since October when we had last seen them! I needed some Benton and Auntie time bad. :) He has gotten so big too! I seriously cannot believe how much he has grown up since I last saw him! He can now talk up a storm in gibberish and army crawls everywhere. He gets a few solid crawls before falling to his belly lol, but he's getting there! :) He also just looooooves pulling himself up now! He is such a big kid! Darn, he may be trying to walk here soon!

Love my little turkey guy!

He is so silly! Little goofball!

These cousins... They all love each other so much! Alan is just obsessed with Benton, I swear that boy never left B's side the entire time he was here! He let Benton grab his hair and touch his face, something he only ever let Anna do when she was a baby. He wanted to hold Benton all the time and was always talking to him. He helped grab things for Aunt Natalie and Benton whenever she asked. He is such a sweetheart! Anna enjoyed Benton too, she thought he was weird though! Someone smaller then her in her house lol? Weird! She still played with him and even started saying his name. Its so cute! It sound like she is saying, "Tenton" lol. So adorable!

Cousins hanging out together

We took Benton to Chuck E Cheese (Natalie and I both worked there most of our highschool years, it is kinda important to her as a mother now too lol) for the first time Sunday. It was really crazy busy, but a good time for the kiddos. Only a few old co-workers were there and they were so excited to meet Benton. We had lunch and let the kids play for a bit. It was a fun first time for my Munch Man, I do think! :)

Since it was just me and both kids, I had to do some clever thinking to entertain them. Thankfully they are such good kids and are willing to share with each other, otherwise I would have had to resort to Plan B lol. But they are very well behaved children, Lon and I won the child lottery with our kids! Anyways, I convinced them to take turns playing the games: we would play one of Alan's games on the big kid's side and then go and on one of Anna's rides at the little kid's side. It worked out pretty nicely. Some games they could play together too, which worked out nicely for me too!

Making music together!

Riding the red and blue horsies, I swear I have a photo of them from every year on this lol!

They had a Live Show while we were there. Dang, the show has changed SOOOOOO much since I worked there! I would hope so, its been almost five years since I last worked there. But even Chuck E has changed! His ears are bigger, like the Chuck E on the tv.

This whole weekend Natalie and I were just OBSESSED with taking cousin photos! I think I maybe took one a day and I know that Natalie also took several. These three kids are just so darn cute together, you can't help but snap photo after photo lol! Plus they are so loving to each other! Darn I love my family! :)

After lunch at Chuck E Cheese, we went to get fitted for our bridesmaid dresses. Natalie and her Maid of Honor had already picked out the style when she went shopping for her wedding gown in Spokane, we just had to make sure they looked good for us too. This dress isn't the right color for her wedding, her color is plum. But it gives you a good idea of what the dresses will look like. Pretty cute, I personally think! I can definitely wear this again to another formal gathering, its not one of thos "too formal" dresses. :) I like it! Oh and an awesome side note: I was measured as a size six for this dress. A six!! If my memory is correct, my wedding dress was a 10 or 12, so 4 or 6 whole sizes in almost three years? I'll take it! :D

After dress and shoe shopping, we visited with Grandma Marcia. She hadn't seen her great-grandchildren since around Christmas, especially Benton! She just loved seeing them! :) Monday before they left town, we went to see Grandma Carol and Grandpa Floyd too. We had to visit with all the grandparents with little Benton in town! Even though we wanted to, we couldn't keep that amazing little guy all to ourselves lol! :P It wouldn't be fair at all!

More cousin photos!

And of course I couldn't let him leave without taking some more Auntie and Benton pics! I have to have like twelve each time he comes and visits us lol! I just love him so much! Here is a few pics of the man and I. Love you BB!

It was just fantastic having Aunt Natalie and Benton in town. And the weekend before Easter too! It was a great weekend for everyone! We love you Aunt Natalie and Benton! Hope you had as wonderful of a time as we did! See you again soon!

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