Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Damn You Influenza A!!

Both of my kids are sick right now. This is Anna's first flu bug and Alan's first true flu bug that he will remember. Alan caught it first, sometime shortly after Christmas. I do not want to be mean and place blame on anyone, because really who blames a person for a sickness? I guess if you had a Heart child or a child in any other health situation who should really not get sick. But Alan is normally a very healthy child. However for medical and other reasons, I do know that Alan caught it from a family member, not from someone at school or in public. He did not start showing signs of being sick right away, I am very grateful that we were on holiday break from school. That first day he was fine, only coughing every so often. I did not even really notice it.

The second day, he started acting really sick. He had a fever that went up and down between 98 and 102 degrees constantly, no matter if he had Tylenol in him or not. He had a horrid cough that would not stop and a sore throat. His whole little body was sore for that matter, moving any part of it would made him cry out in pain. It broke my heart. The worst part though, was the vomiting. Alan could not keep anything down but water and some Pedialyte. There were points were he would not even be able to keep down his medicine or water. It stunk. I have never been thrown up on so much in my life. And being only six months postpartum, I can relate to how much vomiting REALLY DOES SUCK. More poor sweet boy slept pretty much all day, only waking up for periods of time. I did everything I could for him, all in between caring for a healthy Anna, keeping the two of them seperate, and sanitizing the whole house.

The second and third days feel like they have blended together in my mind lol, they were so similar. Alan would sleep, I would clean and care for Anna. Then he would wake up, screaming in pain, and I would tend to him. Switching out his cool packs for his fever, cleaning out his pot, rocking him back to sleep, changing him because he was too weak to go potty in the toilet, doing EVERYTHING I COULD POSSIBLY THINK OF TO MAKE HIM MORE COMFORTABLE. I felt like it was not enough though, no matter what I did he was still suffering. He would not even try and eat when I offered it to him. At least he was drinking water like it was going out of style. But finally, the fourth day I broke. I called his doctor and after telling her Alan's symptoms, she told me to take him into the emergency room in case he needed fluids. Especially nervous that I would be doing this solo (Lon was at work at the time and could not get off), I sent this text to my Facebook:

"Taking Alan into the ER for some fluids. I don't anticipate this going very well... :/ Please pray he doesn't fight the doctors, my boy is not usually one to allow you to give him medicine. Will keep everyone updated."

Alan was excited because he got to sit in a wheel chair. I was very anxious as we checked in. I hate hospitals, they are too unnatural in my eyes. A big building for the sick... Very weird. But that is just me, I'm a weirdo sometimes lol. Although, I was very worried about encountering a creepy dying homeless man with my son but we were lucky that it was daytime lol. They checked us in and hooked Alan up to a heart and oxygen monitor. That freaked him out a little bit but I laid in bed with him which helped. She took his temp, which at the time was a low 98 degrees. Then she asked me some dehydration questions. After determining that he is hydrated enough to not need an IV, she told me the doctor would be shortly.

After a quick check up and some observation, the emergency room doctor came to the conclusion that Alan had one of the three flus. He ordered a test for it (THE WORST THING EVER!!) and it came back positive for Influenza A. He prescibed him some Zofran and sent us home. I was so relieved! The next few days were very uneventful for us. By uneventful I mean, Alan was throwing up constantly while Anna had finally caught the bug (Insert angry mama bear growl here) and was wanting Mama to hold her 24/7. No, not wear her in the Moby Wrap, HOLD her lol. It made sanitizing very difficult. At some point, Lon and I finally caught it. I do not exactly remember when. Thankfully, it did not hit us as hard as it did Alan or Anna. Lon and I just had debilitating sore throats and killer coughs lol. No big deal. :) New Year's Eve and Day passed with almost nothing going on besides Alan's little craft party. In fact, Lon and I were both up at midnight, but neither of us watched the ball drop or had our New Year's kiss lol. I was rocking Alan back to sleep (he had woken up from a fever induced nightmare) and I yelled Happy New Year across the house at him. That was our New Year celebration lol.

Thankfully, we are all almost out of the storm now. Alan only has a slight cough while the rest of us seem completely normal. I think Anna is still trying to get used to her sleep schedule. It all went crazy when she was sick. Now, its going around my parent's house and Lon's parent's house. Oh well, that's the flu for ya!

Has the flu gone around your house this year?

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