Friday, January 11, 2013

Aunt Natalie Came To Town!!

Aunt Natalie was in town over the weekend. We all had a fantastic time! She was not able to come to town for Christmas so we were very happy when she told us that she would be here for a few days! The kids were just getting over their flu bugs too, so it was perfect! While she was here, we were all treated to some fun with the kids! Friday we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. It was fun to go there to play with Natalie, I used to work there with her lol! A few of my old coworkers were working too. It was very cool seeing them again.

Alan, Uncle Kalvin, Aunt April and even Aunt Natalie played some games while Anna and I watched. Its weird that they have not changed hardly any of their games since I worked there three years ago, but it was a plus! I knew how to play them the best and win lots of tickets lol! Score, I knew there was a benefit to working there so many years ago lol! Together with our experience, Aunt Natalie and I helped win the kids about 1500 tickets in only a couple of hours. They were pretty impressed with us to say the least. :P

Then we had some pizza. Uncle Kalvin and Alan picked cheese pizza for everyone (since it was Aunt Natalie's treat to us) and even though we wanted some toppings, the pizza was pretty good. We know the cook that was working, I think that he may have even given us extra sauce like we like! That would be awesome if he remembered that from when we worked there!

Aunt April with Anna, Aunt Natalie with Alan and Uncle Kalvin

I love it when the four of us kids can take my kids out to have fun! Its the best! Saturday night was Aunt Natalie's last night in town. Grandma Melanie treated us all to dinner and playtime at the Reef, an indoor waterpark on the outskirts of town. It had been quite some time since we had gone there, probably not since I was pregnant with Anna. I was really excited to be able to swim and have fun with Alan this time, while Anna was able to hang out with Grandma Melanie.

We had pizza and hot dogs for dinner (I know, I know, fantastic dinner two nights in a row lol, but Auntie was in town!!!) and I swear Alan had both! He had one and a half hot dogs, plus a piece of pizza I am pretty sure. He was a HUNGRY BOY after being sick for so long. After dinner, we went swimming and went down the many water slides. I took Alan on the two little slides in the water jungle gym, he loved going up there with me, trying to avoid the sprinklers and the big bucket of water. Whenever it dumped, he would squeal in delight! I also went down one of the big slides with Aunt April. I had never gone down one before and let me tell you, it was alot of fun! It takes you outside during one part, but you're covered and so it works even in the winter! Very cool!

Anna got hungry after watching all of us eat, so I pulled out all her baby stuff to feed her. Well, the water park did not have a high chair for her to sit in, so we improvised and had Aunt Natalie hold her while Grandma Melanie fed her. It looked a little funny but it worked for us! After eating and having a bottle, she then fell asleep in Grandma's arms, in all the loud noise lol! I think it was because of the running water all around her.

Aunt April and I were finally able to convince Alan to get into the wave pool with us. I think it mostly had to do with Uncle Kalvin and his friend Casey already being out there swimming lol, but I like to think that it was us. :) At first, he was very nervous and would only clutch onto me. But after swimming out there with us for sometime and experiencing the coolness of the waves, I think he started having fun. He would let go of me and splash around, sometimes even letting his legs float away from my body so that he could kick. He's not as much of a fish as I was at his age, but I think he's more like his Dad anyways. Plus the important thing was that he had fun.

We were so glad that Aunt Natalie could come visit from Missoula. Now if only Uncle Jake could come too! :) We also have some super exciting news to share with you. But be patient, I have a few weeks before I can share it with you! :P

And no, I'm not pregnant again lol! Silly readers! :)

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