Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Anna Ariel: Six Months Old

My mind is just COMPLETELY BLOWN when it comes to thinking about Anna already being six months old. I mean, this is her half birthday, she only has six more months until her first birthday!! How is this possible? I kept track of the weeks, months, how did this milestone sneak up on me????? I admit that I am freaking out, a little bit, but really? I mean, c'mon! She is supposed to be my baby girl, my newborn!

This month, Anna Ariel:

*Weighs 15 pounds and 10 ounces and is 26 inches long!

*Has light blue eyes with dark edges around the rim and red ish auburn hair that just keeps growing and growing. It is past her shoulder blades in some places! Just like Uncle Tyler lol!

*Can sit up supported by a pillow or her Boppy pillow. She is so close to sitting up on her own!

*Will roll back onto her knees, as if preparing to crawl! She can always do some army crawling, although I am not sure if she realizes it yet lol!

*Is eating all of her baby cereals and all of her vegetables. She starts fruits next Thursday!

*Does not coo or babble like most babies her age. She growls at everything! She even has a different tone of growling for specific things. It cracks me up!

*Rolls all over now! She has yet to figure out how to use it for transportation, but she is working on it still. She definitely knows that she can roll and get to stuff. I think that's half the step.

*Is almost done with breastfeeding, I can feel it. She is already almost too distracted for it. I have to feed her covered up and she still fights me some. She is definitely becoming more of a bottle girl. It makes me a little sad to think that its almost over but I will just enjoy as much as I can! Plus we can now say I went 6+ months nursing her! Just two months short of being as long as I did with Alan!

*Loves clothes. I know, already? But she does. I let her pick out her clothes each day, she will grab the ones she likes. She also loves to watch (and help some lol) me fold clothes.

Happy six months Anna! Only six more months til your first birthday! Daddy, Alan and I love you to the end of the Earth and back!


  1. Just stopping by to tell you what a beautiful family you have. I came across your blog a while ago on Top Baby Blogs and now I'm hooked. Congrats to beautiful Anna on her milestone 6 months!

  2. Well thank you! We are very excited, six months old is a big thing! She just started sitting up by herself last night too! :D