Friday, July 6, 2012

Our 4th of July 2012

Our fourth of July was fantastic! I was able to spend pretty much the whole day with my husband and son plus my sister in law! We all had such a good together. :) Usually when we don't go out of town to Canyon Ferry Lake, we don't do too much for the fourth. We will go over to Lon's parent's house for a barbecue but don't normally do fireworks because we respect Montana's fire codes. Last year, Alan fell asleep when we were in Townsend, so we also missed the fireworks show. Its been a good three, maybe four years since I've been to a fireworks show. This year was also starting to look like a bust. I was too pregnant for us to go to Canyon Ferry Lake and Lon's family was working at the Village Inn on the fourth. So pretty much no plans for a celebration, at least not one with any fireworks.

I was still determined to give Alan and Aunt Ariel the best Independence Day fun that I could. I looked everywhere to see where the shows were at. There is almost always a show in Laurel, but I don't enjoy driving all the way out there and then having traffic all the way home. I really wanted to find one in our town but hadn't heard of any thus far. Then the July issue of Simply Family came out and there it was, Harvest Church's Independence Day celebration and fireworks show up in the heights. Yes! That was much closer to home! :D

We picked up Aunt Ariel and arrived at Castle Rock Park around seven. The place was pretty busy but that was too be expected with all the cancelations in Laurel due to Fire Watches. There were tons of inflatable slides, bouncy houses, and obstacles courses all over the park plus a climbing wall and a dunk tank. Alan chose to bounce in the bouncy castle first and Aunt Ariel went in with him. They were paired with a few older boys, so I was admittedly somewhat thankful that Ariel wanted to go. The two of them had a blast anyways despite the rowdy boys. But afterwards, Alan didn't want to go on anymore bouncy houses. We even waited in line for the Spongebob one for him to only turn around and refuse to go in. Oh well lol. :P

Bouncing in the bouncy castle

It was pretty hot waiting in line for the bouncy houses, so we set out to find the water park. We headed up the hill towards a cool looking inflatable slide which ended up being a water slide and the water park was right up there. But after waiting in line for only a few minutes, Alan decided he wanted to just go play in the water park with Aunt Ariel. Grateful I had packed extra clothing for him, we let them run wild. While they were playing in the water, I took some cool pictures of them with the sun right behind them, making really cool effects. Here is my favorite one:

I love all the light in this one!

After soaking themselves and cooling way down, the kids were starving for some dinner. We stood in one of the longest lines ever for our food, but I do have to say it was pretty good and the variety was awesome for the price! I think everyone got something different! Alan had a hot dog, Aunt Ariel had a hamburger, Lon had a bratwurst and I had a cheeseburger! And we all got nachos! Pretty cool! :D Then we spoiled them with ice cream cones, cookies and popcorn lol. But it was the fourth so we had an excuse!

There was only so much light left to do the activities, so we hurried to get Aunt Ariel in line to do the climbing wall. Lon took Alan to get a Independence Day balloon. Aunt Ariel is just like her brothers and is a little monkey lol. Once it was her turn to climb, she was pretty much all the way up in a matter of a few minutes. I was like, "So much for a fun challenge!" lol! But she enjoyed it and was pretty proud of her accomplishment.

Alan loved his balloon!

Climb girl, climb!

By that point, it was dusk and time for us to pick a good fireworks watching spot. We wandered to three different places at the park, before finally deciding on a spot very close to the jeep. There we finished our popcorn and rehydrated. It took forever for the sun to fully set and I started taking a bunch of pictures and getting goofy. We had gotten some glow sticks and Lon had fastened Alan's balloon onto his glow stick, so I wore it like a crown. People kept looking at me funny but I didn't really care lol. I am, after all, the crazy pregnant hippie lady lmao! :P

I look so silly!

Love this picture!

Once it was mostly dark, Alan curled up in Lon's lap and fell asleep before we had even noticed! He slept there for about ten more minutes before we decided to just move fully to the jeep so he could sleep in his carseat. We stuck Aunt Ariel up on the roof for the best view, then Lon and I snuggled on the passenger side. The fireworks show was amazing, I bet this sounds lame but I didn't remember them being that beautiful before! Lol the colors were just superb and they filled the sky! :) Don't laugh, I've always liked fireworks and had kinda been missing them. But Mister Alan slept through the whole thing! He had his ear mufflers on from the monster truck rally but I still expected him to wake up when Lon went back there and tried to wake him up to watch. But no! He slept through the whole show, the ride home and the rest of the night! Wow little boy!

Our fourth of July ended up being a wonderful time with family this year! I hope next year is just as good because Miss Anna will be involved in the festivities! And she will almost be a year old too! :D Hope everyone else had a happy and safe fourth of July as well!

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