Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Aunt Ariel!

Today is Aunt Ariel's twelfth birthday.

Aunt Ariel is one of Alan's favorite aunts ever. She is only nine and a half years older than him and loves to play with him and entertain him whenever they are together. She is a great helper too. When he was an infant, she used to offer to help feed him his baby food. Now that he is older, she reads to him and plays with him and keeps him out of trouble at Grandma Amber's house. Alan just adores her. :) Miss Anna has yet to meet her (she was born the day they left for Utah) but her middle name is Ariel after her beloved aunt. We can't wait for them to meet.

They are best buds!!
She is currently in Utah with Grandma Amber and Great Grandma Audrey and will not be home until next Friday. We plan on surprising them by meeting them at the airport with Alan and Anna. I think the three of them will just die when they meet Anna, they have been talking and texting Lon and I a whole bunch about her. They cannot wait to be home again.

Alan, Grandma Amber and Aunt Ariel at Anna's baby shower

Lon and I plan on taking Aunt Ariel somewhere fun with the kids for her birthday next week. I am currently thinking of doing Geyser Park, unless I can think of somewhere else. Last year we did the zoo and that would be too hot for Miss Anna. But Geyser Park is half inside so... :) That's the plan!

Happy birthday sweetheart! Lon, Alan, Anna and I love you so much! Hope your day was just as fantastic as you are!!

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