Friday, July 20, 2012

Alan and Anna's First Meeting

The night I had Anna, Alan stayed with my parents at their house. After Anna and I had been moved to the recovery room and settled in, Lon went home to go sleep in our own bed. At the time we didn't know there was an extra bed in the recovery room but it wasn't a big deal. That Sunday morning, I woke up and fed Anna and myself. Lon had work so I knew he wouldn't be by until later in the day. I couldn't wait til then for Alan to meet his sister so I called my mother and told her she could bring him by. I was so excited to see my little boy again, I had missed him so! :)

I dressed little Anna in her baby shower outfit in preparation for their visit. She looked so cute and the onesie was so big, it was adorable! 

Grandma Melanie brought Alan over just before lunchtime. Alan was so excited to see me but cautious and nervous at first around Anna. He brought her the gift from him and we opened it together. It was a pink dragon Grandma had let him pick in the gift shop. So cute! I told him how much she loved it and he blushed. :) Then I gave him his "gift from Anna" and he opened it. It was a puppy (for the puppies in his tummy, he loved it lol) and a cool Monster card game. He was still a little shy of Anna, so him and Grandma played the game for a bit on the guest bed.

After a bit, he became used to Anna's presence and even started giving her Monster cards so she could "play" the game with him. It was so sweet! He started to come up and want to give her kisses. And not long after that, he was climbing up in bed with us to sit and watch tv. He was so interested in her, he wanted to touch her feet and her hands and kiss her forehead. It melted my heart to watch them interact together!

After a while, Alan started to get antsy again. The hospital room was just too small to keep him entertained for long. Lon showed up on his lunch break just in time to say goodbye to him and then Grandma took him to go play at a park. All in all though, I think he did really well meeting his little sister. He stayed (mostly) calm lol and behaved really well. I was so proud of my big boy! :D

This weekend is my birthday. I don't think we are doing anything for it (Lon originally wanted to go to the Dark Knight Rises but I don't think I can leave Anna for that long) except for taking the kids to the Oasis on Monday with Aunt Natalie (who will be in town for my mother and I's birthdays and to meet Anna). But Great Grandma Audrey, Grandma Amber and Aunt Ariel will be home sometime this weekend, so we will be spending lots of time with them. We also plan on taking Aunt Ariel to Geyser Park for her birthday too. :) Tune in Saturday for my Darling Dozen post! Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. Just 2 more minutes and she would have been born on my birthday~she is precious~

    1. Yes she is! And you're not the first who's said that! :) Thanks for reading.