Sunday, June 9, 2013

Anna Ariel: Eleven Months Old

Oh my word, this little diva girl is almost one year old! She officially has less than a month left now, I just do not know where the time went. I remember the first day I laid eyes on her, bringing her home from the hospital, those first few weeks, EVERYTHING! She has grown up so much, it just amazes me. Before we know it, she will be up there onstage with Aunt April, dancing her heart out. Love you baby girl!

At eleven months old, Anna Ariel:

*weighs approximetly 21 1/2 pounds and is approximetly 28 inches long. She is almost too big for her car seat!

*wears size 9M or 12M in onesies and 9M in bottoms. Her diapers are still size 3.

*has cut her first tooth, she started working on it yesterday! It one of the bottom middle ones. We are so proud!

*having lightened up a bit, her hair is a light auburn ish red color now. It still has some orange in certain lights but is looking more and more like my hair color now.

*her eyes are a light steely blue with a dark navy edge. Not too much hazel or green in there anymore, but not too much yellow in there either. They are developing into their own unique beautiful shade.

*has a pretty normal diet. She eats pretty much what we do, I just mush it up more for her. Her favorite foods right now are spaghetti and frozen yogurt, yes you heard me correct lol, frozen yogurt. Weird girl looooooooooves it on her owie teeth! :) She usually only has vanilla bean or something simple like that.

*has been nursing for eleven months now. That is two months longer than Alan did and only a month away from having nursed for a whole year. I am so proud of us, this month especially has been rough on me. I have been in some pain and have thus had a lower supply. But we are chugging through and onward towards that year mark! She usually nurses in the morning when she wakes up, right before her afternoon nap and right before bed. I also pump in the morning and at night to help with supply. Only a month left! :D We can do it!

*stood up for the first time, right before it was her birth anniversary! She was up late, teething and fussing that night. But she surprised us all by standing up by herself for several moments!

*sleeps pretty consistently through the night still. With the heat, it has been harder to get her to sleep before dusk, but we make do. We bought black-out curtains for our room to help. She usually sleeps from 10 pm to 6 or 7 am, with one nap usually from noon to about 2 or 3.

*can say, "Mama, Dada, Bobba (bottle) and BruhBruh (Alan)"

*will definitely let you know what her opinions are and if you are not making her happy. She is a little diva and likes things her own way, that's for sure!

*likes food, books, colors, Bubble Guppies, clothes, music, animals, her big brother and her parents!

Happy birth anniversary Anna Ariel! Only one more month until the big ONE YEAR. You keep growing and amazing us each day! Daddy, Alan and I love you soooooooo much!

Aunt April and Grandma Melanie left for Boise, Idaho this morning. They are going with April's dance studio for a summer intensive. I think they will be gone a week or two, but am not really sure. So last night we went out to dinner with my family at Applebee's. It was nice to have that family time with them before they left. We will miss them! Learn lots Aunt April! :)

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