Thursday, June 27, 2013

Visits From Uncle Cameron

I can't believe how fast things have been passing by lately. Next week in my hip hop class has their fourth of July Fun Day and the week after that is their Thriller performance. Didn't I just start teaching them yesterday? :) As for Miss Anna, her party is officially a week from Saturday. We are so excited! I have almost every planned out and prepared, I can't wait!

As for Aunt Natalie, according to her doctors Baby B could be coming any day now! I won't go into gory details because she's my sister, but she is READY. :) I can't wait to be an Aunt! I will post as soon as he is born! Yay!

This week Uncle Cameron came into town from Washington. We haven't seen him since last summer and were so excited to see him! We spent most of the weekend with him, hiking and going to the park and having snowcones, we even watched Cloud Atlas with him. It was great to see him, the last time he saw Anna she was only a few weeks old! She is such a big girl now! Uncle Cameron enjoyed every minute he spent with us. Have a safe trip home, we love you!!

Things are finally starting to look up for us! Thankfully! We are endlessly grateful for everyone who was there for us during the hard times. I will share about our struggles with you readers in due time! Thank you all for being so patient! :) And I guess the cats out of the bag for this one too: yes, Lon shaved his head lol. He did it about a week ago because of the heat. It freaked out some people lol, but I still think he looks handsome! Love you baby!

How is your summer going?

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