Friday, June 28, 2013

A Note About Fleeting Moments

I have had quite a few of these lately and I have mixed feelings about them. On one hand, fleeting moments are so very beautiful and special, yet on the other, I sometimes wish they weren't so... fleeting. Does that make sense or am I just crazy lol?

I have shared these moments with both children lately, each moment being as different as the last one. The reasons for these moments are most often the same however. With Alan, these moments are usually fleeting because he is now getting older and needs me less. Things like helping him play golf and kissing him goodnight on the lips and teaching him to ride his bike. These moments are fleeting because soon, he will not need me to do them. I cherish every one of these with him.

Alan and I got the chance to go to Geyser Park with Grandma Melanie and Uncle Kalvin today. We had pizza for lunch, went mini golfing and played a bunch of video games. Afterwards, we ran to the bank. Once again, Anna stayed home with Lon. It was nice to have some Mama and Son time with him most of the day. I did have some special moments with him as well, and looking back, these are fewer and fewer now.  He will be going to preschool in the fall and Kindergarten the next year. Lon and I discussed school zones and staying in certain ones when we move. Crazy! My baby boy is growing up!

With Anna, these moments are very different but for similar reasons. Most of her fleeting moments currently involve breastfeeding. With only a little over a week until her first birthday, Anna will nurse usually once or twice a day. Sometimes in the morning, I can get her to snuggle with me in our bed and nurse. Usually though, I feed her right before bed and its our special little Mama and Daughter time together.

Even though it was hard at the beginning and has not been the easiest thing as of late, I really do love breastfeeding and the bond it creates with my children and I. I have been cherishing each special moment with her while I nurse. I know it will not be long until she is done nursing and has moved on to bigger and better things. She now drinks water, I most of me is very excited for her to start drinking juice and milk. But part of me will always miss it.

Anna is also growing so fast lately. I swear, her beautiful face changes a little bit each day! She is so smart and is always willing to learn too! I love watching her curious face, soon she will be walking and talking! I cannot wait, but I know how amazing these first precious steps are. I love being there for each new lesson and experience! Those type of fleeting moments are the most important to me, for both children. I love to watch my children develop and grow. It is one of the best parts of motherhood!

I love that my kids are growing up but I understand how important each and every memory I make with my children are. I will give up anything to spend time with my kids, even if it is work (shift hours) or money. In Lon and I's personal opinion, we would rather be poor and together as a family then rich and always apart. We had our children to raise them and I love spending as much time as possible with them. I am grateful that my job allows Alan and Anna to come with me! I am so blessed. :)

In other news: We have two teeth ladies and gentlemen! The two middle teeth on the bottom! Anna had them both come through the other day, within like twelve hours of each other. It was NOT fun for our little girl. But she is happy she has teeth to chew with now! It is HAWT!!! We are constantly roasting here and will do almost anything to spend some time in air conditioning. We loooooooove us some water right now, it is nature's main source of nourishment!

This weekend, we don't have any specific plans. We might go to the spray park with some of Alan's friends and I want to make plans with Aunt Ariel as well. As for next weekend, for the fourth of July we will probably go to Castlerock Park for the fireworks. And the next day is my Uncle Greg's wedding. After that is Anna's party and then, her real birthday! Next weekend will be very busy for us!

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