Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday!! July 12, 2011

Man it is hot! I woke up three minutes ago and I already am covered in sweat! Thank goodness I'll be stuck inside the YMCA all day today, at least they hace A/C! :P

Here's Top Ten Tuesday!!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Since my birthday is only twelve days away, I thought I would do a fun top ten post today and do a birthday wish list. I am not normally materialistic and I, in no way, expect to get anything on this list. But this is still fun to do. :) Enjoy!

Top Ten Birthday Gifts I Want!
aka Birthday Wish list

#10 Anything from Bath and Bodyworks

I LOVE their stuff!!! It all smells so good! :D

#9 Another Wooden Buddha Statue

You can never have too many of these if you're a Buddhist lol! :P


#8 Giftcard to Walmart


#7 Daft Punk's Interstalla 5555


#6 A stereo system for my car

I've had my car for over six months now, and I still haven't gotten a stereo system. I miss the radio! Its annoying having to sing or talk to yourself to keep yourself entertained lol. And it makes me look like a crazy person.

#5 Clothes from Old Navy


#4 Giftcard to Eternal Ink for my tattoo

I want to get my tattoo for Alan! Still haven't yet, boo.

#3 Nikon Coolpix s220


#2 Another good book to read...

I've had a hard time getting into American on Purpose by Craig Ferugson, but would just loooooooove a new good book to curl up with. Reading is so relaxing for me.

#1 The Best of the Flaming Lips CD


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