Thursday, July 7, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday!! July 7, 2011

Today is payday for me, hooray! The day were money moves in and out of my account so quick you wouldn't believe it! :P Nah lol, it is still a good day. Make sure to tune in later for my second installment of American Camping Week, it is very exciting and eventful! It is also going to be another hot one today. We were all woken up with the sun this morning, because the heat came along with it. Can you say water park???? :) We might take Alan to Terry before I go to work.

Here's Toddler Talk Thursdays!

Sippy Cup Mom

This week's topic:
What is your toddler's favorite summertime toys?

Alan is really into balls right now lol. Any type really, he's just been really into throwing and kicking lately. Basketballs, footballs, baseballs, even kickballs. He just gets so excited when he sees a kid playing with a ball.


He also loves to play with hopper balls now. He discovered how to use them last Thursday and has played with them everyday at daycare since. He looks so adorable on them too! He will set himself on top of one, and bounce until he launches himself off of the ball! And then start over again. Too cute!! :D


There is one thing that ties with balls for Alan, he is also obsessed with cars. Matchbox, Hot wheels, or Cars brand, he has over 50 little cars that he plays with all the time. Some mornings he will wake up and the first word out of his mouth is "Cars" lol!


So between cars and balls, my kid would be entertained FOREVER!

Idea for next week's topic:
How does your toddler's mealtimes normally go?


  1. My son's first word is cars in the am too! Or C*ck which is supposed to be truck! (:O
    Your little man sounds adorable. I am going to use your topic for next weeks TT - (7/21)
    Happy Thursday!

  2. Thanks! And don't you love the ways kids will pronounce things lol? Too funny! :)

    Have a great day!