Monday, July 11, 2011

Alan's Second Birthday Party Plans

Alan's birthday is in less than two months, ahhhh that's too soon!

This time last year was when I started thinking about birthday parties for him, so I guess its time to do that now. Even though I don't want to.

I'm still in denial that Alan will be two. As much as I love that he is a big boy and is growing up so quickly, the mom in me wants my sweet little newborn back. I loved Alan as a baby, he was so sweet and happy and easy. My mom always teased me that I was silly for getting stressed out, because I had the easiest baby ever. :P Not to say that I don't love him now, I love how smart and happy he is. I just am having some issues with my beautiful baby boy growing up. :)

But I will take you along with me on my thought process for what I want to do for his birthday. I promise I haven't even thought of it before this, everything is fresh and new lol! :P So enjoy this fun brainstorm!!!

We don't have a lot of money right now, so I don't think we will be renting a birthday space like we did last year. Last year, we rented a room at the zoo and had an Elmo Safari themed party. Alan loved it, and we all had fun, it was just pretty expensive for us. This year, I am thinking about doing a party at a park.

Possibly Pioneer Park, where I had his baby shower. Oooooh I love that little gathering of trees by the pool! But cousin Sophie had her party there... Maybe another park, just to be different. Maybe Rose Park, Alan really liked that park when I took him there the other week. And hopefully the pool thing won't be opened so it won't be a temptation! Hmmmm... Or even Sacajawea Park would be fun. I like that park and there's some nice shaded areas to set up a party at.

Okay so Sacajawea Park probably. But what should be his theme????

Alan's favorite characters are Seasame Street characters, Cars characters and Yo Gabba Gabba characters. I don't want to do Elmo again, so maybe Cars? Oh definitely Cars, look at these party supplies! So cute!


And it wouldn't be too hard to make a cute racetrack cake like this.


We were thinking of doing Alan's party either the weekend before or the weekend after his birthday. His birthday is on Labor Day this year, so we know that a lot of people will be out of town that weekend, including possibly my family. So either Sunday August 27 or Sunday September 11... September 11 is our cousin Blake's birthday and my friend's due date, so I'm thinking the week before.

So Sunday August 27 at Sacajawea Park. Now all I need to think of is what to get Alan from us. I wanted to get him several things:

-We've been talking about starting Alan's college fund when he is two, so that might be one gift. Going along with this, I might just ask his guests to get him small gifts or make donations to that fund. We haven't looked to much in it, but we are thinking of going with the Gerber Life College Plan. This is still in the works though.


-Also, I have an old tricycle I used to ride when I was little, that's a little old and needs some love. So starting this month, Lon and I are going to fix it up and repaint it for Alan. I already got him a cool helmet, and that will be his big gift from us. Here's kinda what it will look like.


-Finally, going with the Cars party theme we will probably get him some Cars 2 toys. Right now, Alan only has a Doc and a Mater toy so he would love to have more of the characters! I think I might also give away one to each guest for a party favor. Like these ones, right from the movie!


Now that sounds like an awesome party for my little man! Yes! :D All I have to do now is... Make the invitations, buy the supplies, refurbish the trike, buy the presents, annnd make the cake lol. Phew! Easy peasy! :P

There will be no Meet Me on Monday or Motivational Monday today. Be sure to check them out next week though!

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