Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy first birthday Connor!

Today is my nephew Connor's first birthday!


I remember this time last year, when I first got the text that Connor was born. We were just about to leave for Canyon Ferry Lake (again) but I insisted on going up there to see them before we left lol. I pulled some strings and we ended up being able to stop by. We had to walk like fifteen blocks to the hospital with Alan to see them IN THE HEAT, but we got there and it was totally worth it. Meeting my beautiful nephew for the first time, and being able to hold him, was one of the greatest things ever. I love my brother and his fiance so much, and my love for Connor is just as big. :)

It was cool that Alan got to meet him as well. Alan was a young ten months old, and was a little confused when he first saw Aunt Rachael, as he remembered the big belly previously on her. :) He was even more flabbergasted when Aunt Rachael showed him newborn Connor. Lol I don't think he understood, but he was really into Connor. He loved babies even back then, and was just fascinated by his new cousin.

We can't wait to see Connor and the family now, its been since the wedding that we saw them! Connor can walk now, we're so excited! I can't wait for the boys to play together! Love you Connor, Aunt Rachael and Uncle Darren!

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