Monday, August 20, 2012

Finishing out the Montana State Fair

The fair ended this Saturday. Thursday night we went with Grandma Melanie, Uncle Kalvin and his friend Kale. It was rodeo night there so they once again had buy one get one free wristbands for rides. Upon arriving, we ate a quick dinner. The boys all had cheese pizza and I had a foot long corn dog with homemade french fries. They were beyond delicious but really greasy lol! I still loved them! :) Then the boys took us exploring around the fair. We found some cool rocks to climb on, went to this little side show thing they had and went to look at the army firetrucks. Here's the funny thing too- while we were looking at these firetrucks, our tour guide person was Uncle Aaron! Alan and I hadn't seen him in a very long time and he had never met Anna, so we were all pretty excited! Uncle Aaron showed us the truck and told us all the cool information about it. Alan loved it, he was so interested in the truck. Then we introduced Anna to Uncle Aaron and he fawned over her lol. He could not believe how small and beautiful she was. :) After talking with him for a bit, we started to go on rides.

This time Alan wasn't afraid of getting his wristband, he was too excited to ride lol. :) We pretty much went on the same rides and fun houses as the last few times. We went on the race cars quite a few times but this time Alan was afraid of going on the roller coaster. He did love going on his big slide over and over again though. :) While waiting in line for the Dizzy Dragon, we also saw Alan's cousin Ry'ana. She was born the day before Alan was lol. We were hoping to get to ride with them but we weren't able to. But it was still really nice seeing her!

Alan and the Green Lantern the next morning

After riding rides for quite some time, we took a break and went to get ice cream. While we were walking, a couple stopped us and offered to give Alan their prize they had won at a game. It was a huge Green Lantern stuffed guy. Alan just loved it, he wouldn't let anyone else hold it as we walked lol. It was so big though that it drug on the ground when we pushed him in his stroller lol! Too funny! :D Once we got to the ice cream booth, Alan had decided that he didn't want ice cream. Toddlers lol. I ordered a chocoate milkshake for myself. Looking back, I should have probably just ordered him something anyways but we didn't have alot of free hands lol. Well you can imagine that Alan of course wanted my milkshake. So I gave it to him and ended up with no ice cream myself. *Sigh* The life of a mother lol, at least my kiddo was happy. :) After ice cream, we went on a few more rides and then headed home. We were actually able to get out of there somewhat early this time too. It was a miracle lol! Unfortunately, Alan crashed into my toe on the way out to the van, pulling up half of my big toe nail. OUCH!! It hurt so bad! I scared Alan to death too, poor guy I felt so bad. :( It just hurt so badly that I couldn't help crying a little. Here is what it looked like the next day, after my dad and Lon took care of it. Thanks guys, I thought I was gonna die lol!

ouch, Ouch, OUCH, OUCH!!!!
We also went for the last day Saturday. We went Saturday night to the state rodeo there, with Grandma Melanie, Aunt April, her friend Andra and Uncle Kalvin. Alan had never been to a rodeo before so I just had to take him. I mean, we do live in Montana afterall lol. :P Alan loved the rodeo, he thought all the cowboys and horses were so cool and the cows were "big and scaryyyyyyyy" lol (his words of course). I brought the Moby Wrap so we wouldn't have to drag the stroller AND the carseat up the stands with us. Anna enjoyed it mostly but it made her real hungry towards the end lol. Thankfully I had brought a bottle for her so Anna had her FIRST BOTTLE IN PUBLIC!! :) Big girl! We watched the team roping, barrel racing (my favorite), steer wrestling, bronc riding and left during the bull riding. Alan and Uncle Kalvin were really concerned about the baby bulls during the team roping but my mom and I reassured them that they weren't getting hurt. It was pretty cute though! :) By the time we left the rodeo, both boys wanted their own cowboy hats and boots. Think I might have to break down and buy Alan some lol. Cos even though we are hippies, we are Montanans too!

After the rodeo, we went on more rides. Alan and Uncle Kalvin were all about riding together, they buddied up real nicely! Which is not too normal for them lol. Together they went on the Spongebob bouncy house, the Cars bouncy house, the turtle bouncy house, three fun houses, the race cars, the Dizzy Dragon ride, the big slide, the train ride, the helicopter ride, the airplane ride, the hot air balloon ride and this awesome drop ride. At first, my mom and I didn't want Alan to go on it because I couldn't go with him and it was high up. The ride took you up to the top and then dropped you several times. Uncle Kalvin loved it but we thought it would be too much for Alan. Well my big boy got real mad when we told him he couldn't go, so he convinced us to let him. And he just loved it! Seriously, I think it was his favorite ride lol. He went on it with Uncle Kalvin maybe ten times in a row! He would even put his hands up with the older kids! I was so surprised and proud of him! It was just awesome! Here are some pics I took of it:

Uncle Kalvin and Alan on the frog ride

I ran into alot of people I knew at the fair too. Gosh, I just love doing that! Our city is pretty small compared to most cities nationally so we tend to know everyone really easily lol. So things like the state fair are awesome because you know a ton of people there! :) We ran into some friends of mine from work and I got to meet one of their daughter's for the first time. She is so beautiful. We also saw my Uncle Rick and his whole family plus some of our family friends. And I ran into Lon's best friend Chris, who we hadn't seen since Christmas! He was so thrilled to see Alan again and to finally meet Anna, he couldn't stop raving about her beauty. :) I love Chris and was very happy we got to see him. I also saw one of Aunt Natalie's old childhood friends, that was a cool flashback lol. Plus several high school classmates who couldn't believe I was already married with two children. Its crazy how many people you run into at a state event! I just love it! It was so wonderful to be able to see all those people again and catch up. Oh I love the fair...

We had such a great time this year at the fair. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Lon could have come. But he had work every day the fair was. Hopefully next year when Anna is 13 months and Alan is almost four, I will be able to have my whole family go to the fair with me! We would have such an amazing time together!!

Here are some more pictures from the fair. We had so much fun!!!

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