Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Going to the State Fair!!

Friday night we went to our state fair's Sneak a Peek night. Grandma Melanie and Aunt April took us. I was able to try Anna in the stroller for the first time and she enjoyed it a lot! She pretty much slept in it the whole time we were there, which gave me the chance to take Alan on some rides. He wanted to go on a couple with Grandma first but then decided that Mom was more willing to take him on the same ride twenty times lol. :) Aunt April went on the older kid rides with her friends from dance and she was "too cool" to hang out near us lol. So we also had some fun following her and driving her crazy. Ah, to be a teenager lmao. :P We were so mean to her!

Alan and I went on this worm ride, the pony ride, the Merry-Go-Round, the big slides and two different fun houses. There were three fun houses total at the fair but apparently Alan was too little to go alone and I was too big to go on it. Imagine that lol. :P He'll have to go on it next time with Uncle Kalvin or Aunt April. His favorite was probably the big slides or the fun houses but he did enjoy the pony ride too. He was just a little nervous even though I was holding him and walking with him. But that's okay, that was his first time ever riding a pony! :) Wish I could have taken a picture of him, he looked like such a big boy! They didn't allow photography and I didn't want to pay ten dollars or whatever for a picture!

He just loved the big slides, we would go up the stairs together with him counting to twenty over and over again til we made it to the top lol. Then he would look over the edge at all the little people while we waited for our turn. He was not scared of the heights at all! I was pretty amazed because the heights of the big slide was almost too high for me lol. But I am a wimp when it comes to heights so... Anyways, my mom did say though that he always looked scared out of his mind when we came down the slide lol. But he always squealed with delight, we just went really fast because of me. :) So I could imagine his face was a little clenched lol. He loved it though.

Same with the fun houses. The two we went on were pretty similar, they both had turny things and other things like that. One had a big walking wheel that Alan loved. He always had to hold my hand when we crossed through it but he still enjoyed it thoroughly. The other had a big twisty tunnel slide that Alan really liked but he got ticked at me after a while for going down with him. The silly big boy wanted to go all by himself and have me follow him, but I couldn't exactly do that lol. It frustrated him quite a bit but he eventually got over it.

Alan enjoying some ice cream

Alan also really liked simply walking around and looking at all the fair stuff. Since it was Sneak Peek Night, the animal barns or the Kid Zone were still closed but we took at walk around the merchandise tents and got an ice cream at the Wilcoxson's booth. Then we walked around all the rides when it got dark and looked at all their bright lights. Alan thought that was pretty awesome. :) Anna slept the whole time, only waking occasionally wanting her pacifier. There was also this cool booth with a bubble blowing machine. It blew pretty huge bubbles and Alan chased the bubbles around for a good twenty minutes before we had to leave lol. We might have to buy one of those for his birthday party, it was pretty sweet. Who knows? :)

At that point, it was time for us to go home. Anna was tired of being in her stroller and wanted to nurse, plus it was close to bedtime for Alan. So we started the long trek back up to Grandma's van. Halfway there, Anna was so upset and was refusing to stay in her stroller so we took her out. Then Alan started fussing because he was worn out to the max. So my mom pulled out Anna's carseat and put Alan in the stroller. We must have looked pretty funny lol, my mom carrying a carseat and pushing a preschooler in a stroller with me carrying the newborn. :P  But we at least made it to her van lol. :P

We also went again last night. Aunt Natalie and Jake are in town for the fair so almost the whole family (except my poor husband who had to work) went again. It was Wristband Night for the rides, which was good and bad lol. It was good because we got our wristbands for real cheap but it was bad because it was packed! I was somewhat more anxious last night than Friday and that was the Sneak Peek Night lol! We still had a good time nonetheless. :)

Alan got to go on so many rides! He hated his wristband at first and screamed like the lady was cutting his arm off when it was put on him lol. Scared the piss out of some other kids behind us too. Oops! :P He soon grew to love his wristband though when he realized it was how he was getting to go on so many rides and go over and over again on them. We went on a bunch more different rides this time as well. We found a cool race car ride and a cobra snake rollercoaster ride. Alan loved having Uncle Kalvin there this time, we all went on a bunch of "bigger" kid rides together. Alan even found a new fun house to go on, one with lots of mirrors, and also went on the Dizzy Dragon ride. I was especially worried about this one because of the spinning but it was probably Alan's favorite! :) Anna was once again such a good little girl. She hung out with Grandma, alternating between her stroller and Grandma's warm arms. I only had to nurse her once the whole time we were there and we got lucky with that lol. We made it home JUST in time to feed her again.

Aunt Natalie and Jake went on the older kid rides so we didn't see them too much. But they made sure to stop by and go on rides with us occasionally as well. Alan just adores Jake, he seriously thinks he's the coolest lol. Which is awesome for my sister, nephew approval. :P Just joking Nat! Aunt April met up with our cousin Morgan and they also went on their own set of rides. We had quite the crowd of people at the fair lol.

All in all, we had a great time both of the time we went to the fair. I just hope that we can go one more time before it ends this weekend with Lon so he can enjoy it as well. Plus Alan hasn't gone in any of the barns or see any farm animals yet, so we will definitely need to do that lol.

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