Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Hospital Experience in Comparison to Last Time

I thoroughly enjoyed this hospital stay with Anna. All of the nurses and midwives were very supportive and helped me greatly, through labor and afterwards. I really liked how they were extra sensitive to my blood draw issues, unlike Billings Clinic. They were invested in me and followed my Birth Plan to a tee. My husband was helpful in this too, but I felt so much more respected this time around.

I stayed in the hospital with Anna from July 7th to the 9th. This time around, there was like no other laboring mothers in the ward (and we had an adorable baby girl lol) so I was spoiled by the nurses and CNAs. They were constantly checking up on Anna and I, making sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. I felt like I was always needing something, so I would try and combine my necessities for each time they would show up. I mentioned it once to one of the nurses how I felt bad about always needing them and she assured me it was only a part of her job. That made me feel good, because I felt like I was a nuisance when I had Alan.

I didn't sleep the best while I was there but that was due to Anna wanting to eat and Lon wanting to sleep in my bed with me the second night. We had an extra Guest Bed for him in the Recovery Room but he insisted on sleeping with me. What a dork lol! But I let him do it because I love him. :) I remember loving all the hot showers I took while there though, they sure helped with all of my soreness from delivery and sleeping lol. :P

While I stayed at the hospital, I only had a couple of visitors. My whole family came to visit me, as well as Great Grandma Carol and Great Grandpa Floyd. Before I had had her, I wanted a ton of visitors but after having her, I was okay with only having a few. It gave me more time to rest and bond with Anna. :) I was glad that my family came and kept me company though, it got a little lonely when Lon had to leave me for several hours and go to work.

There was some concern with Anna when she was born. She had low blood sugar levels, jaundice concerns and weight gain issues. Instead of just having me supplement her with formula like the nurses at Billings Clinic did, they sent in the lactation consultant who talked with me about my breastfeeding wishes. After speaking with me, she confirmed that I was still waiting for my milk to come in and didn't need to supplement Anna yet, unless the weight problems continued. I was a wreck when it came to worrying about her weight and jaundice but the nurses were very supportive of me. I really appreciated that. :) She is now okay and is gaining weight well but I was really worried then.

Overall, I enjoyed this hospital experience better than last times. I don't think my family will be going back to the Billings Clinic and we will stay with Saint Vincent's hospital from now on!

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  1. ST. Vincent is wayyy better!

    I had my appendix out at st. v's and everyone there was really nice, and the doctors were genuinely concerned. My tests were coming back fine, but i was in so much pain. I was actually at home, and the surgeon called to see how i was feeling, and when i told her i wasnt better, she told me to come to the hospital for surgery.

    Billings Clinic however, is awful. I had been having all of the signs of gall bladder attacks for awhile in july 2010, and went to the GI doc. without any tests or exams, he accused me of depression. My gall bladder stopped funtioning in october of that year, and i got realy sick. I went to the billings clinic 4 days in a row, and all they did was give me fluids, pain meds(deifferent ones every day) and send me home.On the 6th day(didnt bother going back a fifth day), I ended up needing an ambulance. The medic in the ambulance accused me of being an IV drug user beecause of the trail of injection sites from being in the ER 4 days in a row! The ER nurses were rude the 4 days I was there, and were ever ruder when i was admitted after the ambulance took me in. They finally did a gall bladder test, and whaddya know? It wasn't working! I finally had it removed, and was feeling better, but that incident made me decide once and for all that Billings Clinic is NOT the way to go!