Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anna's Newborn Photos

We finally got Anna's newborn pictures back! They are so beautiful! We had my friend Kelsie (Kelton's mom lol) take them for us with her super nice camera. We took them in my living room, with Alan and Kelton running around and screaming while we took the pictures but they still turned out awesome! Thanks again Kelsie for taking them!

I love this one that I took! :)

In her green dress Great Grandma Audrey got her 

She just HAD to have her paci at this point lol, it was mandatory :)

Look at those eyes!

Lookng out the window

And back at us :)
She is so gorgeous!

Little wiggle worm

And we got a smile!

"I'm done with pictures, Mama!"
Oh my word, Lon and I are so very blessed to have this beautiful girl in our lives! Looking at these pictures now, I am reminded that. :) I love you so very much Anna Ariel!

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