Monday, August 13, 2012

Alan and the Olympics

Sounds like a pretty cool movie title, if I do say so myself lol.

Before the Olympics started, I wasn't that into them. Anna was only a few weeks old and I was more focused on still getting used to being a parent of two. I have never really been into the Olympics, if I watch it one year I will usually only watch gymnastics or swimming. Not too much of an athlete myself, I only ever found those two events interesting because I participated in similar sports. Still Lon, Alan and I watched the crazy Opening Ceremonies, but I didn't take it serious. I thought the whole ceremony was no where near as good as Bejing's Opening Ceremonies were four years ago. Alan thought it was pretty interesting though, especially when all the athletes came out. I found this odd at first but upon thinking about it and questioning the idea during my daily meditations, I realized it was basically my son being interested in sports and that I should embrace that curiousity by involving him in this year's Olmpics. It seems so obvious, yet I hadn't even thought about it. Just because I wasn't really into sports didn't mean that my son isn't. Afterall my husband is into sports, just not the average American sports.

So I decided to start watching the Olympics with him. Every morning for an hour or so, we would sit out in his play area, eat our breakfast and watch whatever Olympic event was on. Now I don't normally let the tv be on during any of our mealtimes but I thought it would be somewhat nastalgic for me (think cartoons and cereal lol) and more educational for Alan. Anna would always hang out with us as well if she was awake. Together the three of us (well two lol, Anna didn't clearly watch) watched the gymnastics, the track and field events, beach volleyball, swimming, diving, canoeing and kayaking, and even syncronized swimming. I always talked with him about what each event was and what each athlete was doing. We would always pick our favorite teams of the ones competing and would have fun cheering on our team. I even would tell him a little bit about the countries competing, just basic things though. But Alan started really getting into it anyways.

Alan really liked the canoeing event and the syncronized swimming. He thought the guys who raced in the canoes were "big strong men" and would always copying them in their stance. Lol, I dunno if you all watched the canoe races but the guys kneel in their boats and row. It looks pretty silly, especially if you have a preschooler trying to do it lol. I should have gotten a picture of him doing it, but this is what the guys look like when they row:

Alan would mimic this the whole time they were racing and then jump up in the air cheering the minute they finished. It was quite the spectacle lol. I loved it. :) He also thought the sycronized swimmers were super cool. He liked their nose plugs and thought they made them look like "dragons" lol. Then he freaked out when the Russian team came out actually DRESSED like dragons! That was his favorite one. They ended up winning the gold too, which made Alan extra proud. :) You would have thought he competed with them lol, he was beaming so much. My silly boy.

The Russian team in their dragon suits
It started me thinking, Alan and Anna technically compete in the 2028 Olympics if they wanted to. Wow that is crazy! :) What would they compete in????

Alan I could see competing in swimming, track and field or gymnastics. He is already a little fish at the age of three and we are looking into swim lessons for him this year. He also is a natural born runner. He takes after his father in that way. :) I could totally see him running with all the other track stars lol! And he will be taking gymnastics classes this fall with me, so gymnastics could also be an option. Plus Alan thought the guys who did the pummel horse were super cool!

As for Anna, its hard to tell from her personality since she is only a newborn. But I think she would follow in the Kimmel family's foot steps and do gymnastics like her brother, or possibly swimming. My whole family does gymnastics, from Aunt April to Uncle Kalvin even. And I used to be big on swimming and used to even train from an Olympic swimmer, so she could grow up to be a fish like her brother.

Regardless of if they do compete, it still has gotten me thinking about getting Alan more active and into sports. He has so much extra energy and so much potential, it would be bad parenting for me to not allow him to explore every single sport he wanted to. I have mentioned this before, but I plan on letting Alan participate in at least one sport a year from now on. But he can do as many sports as he wants. I believe that children learn better in school when they are active in sports. So often are children sitting in desks at school that it becomes monotone and they check out. But if a kid has equal physical activity time as they do desk time, then they are more open to the desk time. That's why my children will always be allowed to do sports.

And if watching the Olympics is a way to encourage that, then I guess Lon and I will become Olympic fans as well. :)

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