Sunday, August 12, 2012

POV Posts: Beautiful Baby Anna

For my next POV Post, I am featuring my lovely sister Natalie. Her and I are two years and ten months apart, exactly as far apart as Alan and Anna are! We are so close and I love her so! Natalie doesn't have her own blog but I asked her to write a special post for me about being an aunt to my children. So here is this week's POV Post!

Hello all! I'm Jill's younger sister Natalie!

Aunt Natalie and I at my wedding reception

For those of you that don't know me I live in Missoula with my boyfriend, Jake. I am currently going to school for Radiology, but in the mean time I am a CNA at Hillside Healthcare. I love Jill to pieces!! She is an wonderful sister as well as an amazing mother to both Alan and Anna!

On Christmas Eve little Alan-ator walked into Jill and I's parents house wearing a shirt that read, " Best Big Brother Ever" and I was the first one in the house to see it!! I knew that something was up because in the past few days that I had been in town for Christmas, Jill seemed to be hiding something! It took the rest of the family a few minutes to catch on but I was so excited I basically tackled Jill when she finally explained to us that she was 9 week pregnant.

Uncle Kalvin, Alan and Aunt April on Christmas

Weeks went by and that beautiful blessing Anna gave her poor mother so many troubles, but they were all worth it. Throughout the whole pregnancy whenever anyone asked Jill about the baby in her belly, Alan would chime in and pull up his shirt and tell you all about the "puppies" in his tummy, it was by far the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Well the night after I came back to Missoula from a two week long trip with my family I got the call that, that little stinker was ready to meet the family. After 29 long hours of labor on July 7, 2012 our little sweet pea was introduced to the world. She is truly a blessing.

Aunt Natalie holding Anna

Alan is slowly learning to adapt to the fact that he has to share mommy and daddy with the sister, but when she starts to get fussy he will do anything he possibly can to calm her down because he doesn't like her crying. I would give the world for either of those kids, in a heartbeat. I love them both with all of my heart.

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