Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Day in the Life

The whole time I was writing this post, I had the Beatles "A Day in the Life" stuck in my head. Well, really only part of it lol. :P But I couldn't seem to shake this catchy chorus from my brain, despite how much I tried.

Woke up, fell out of bed 
Dragged a comb across my head
Deedle lee dee, deedle lee dee 
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup 
And looking up, I noticed I was late
Tick, tock, tick 
Found my coat and grabbed my hat 
Made the bus in seconds flat 
Deedle lee dee, deedle lee dee
Found my way upstairs and had a smoke 
And somebody spoke and I went into a dream 
Ahh, ahh, ahh 

But I digress lol, I have been thinking about how my life has changed now that I am a mother of two. My day starts at seven (if I am lucky lol) now, instead of eight or nine. And it usually doesn't end until eleven or twelve (once again if I am lucky), instead of ten. People always tell moms of newborns to "Sleep when they do" but this is a complete joke if you have two children. Especially if your child is as rambunctious of a toddler as mine is. So here is a day in the life:

2 am.
Anna wakes me up with her lovely loud voice. This girl could be in the opera, seriously lol. :) I drag myself out of bed and pull her out of her bassinet, taking her to the rocking chair. If I am feeling nice, I leave the tv off and pull up Facebook on my phone. Usually I am lol. Usually. :P I nurse Anna for around 20-30 minutes on each side. Sometimes twice on both side. After burping her, I change her diaper and put her back to bed. Then I pass out myself.

7 am.
Anna once again wakes me up, this time I rise quickly though. I have a lot of things to do before everyone wakes up. I nurse her in the rocking chair while Lon wakes up and showers. Alan usually wakes up while I am nursing her, so we hang out in my bedroom together and watch Disney Junior cartoons. Once I am done feeding her, I change her and put her in her bouncy chair near me in the kitchen. I take Alan to go potty, then cook breakfast for everyone- eggs, bacon, toast, fruit- something normally like that.

8 am.
Lon gets out of the shower and then we all eat breakfast together. Then Lon heads to work at the Village Inn so we all gather at the door to say goodbye. I once again take Alan to the potty. We play a game or play cars after that while Anna hangs out on the floor on her play mat.

9 am.
I nurse Anna while Alan plays out in his play area by himself. After changing her again, I take Alan to the potty before washing a load of dishes. Alan usually hangs out with me at the kitchen table while I do dishes, talking with me and coloring. Anna normally is napping at this point.

Snuggling in Mama and Daddy's bed
10 am.
Alan and I play a game or do some reading at this point. If we have a play date scheduled with one of his friends, this is one of the times we will do it. If Anna wakes up, she hangs out with us on her play mat or does tummy time. I then take Alan to the potty again. If I get the chance, I inhale a snack lol.

Anna will want to eat, so I nurse her in Alan's play area and continue to interact with him while she feeds. We will read books or play his Monster Matching Game. I change her, then put her in her swing or bouncy chair in the kitchen while I start cooking lunch.

12 pm.
Alan and I eat lunch in the dining room. Anna hangs out close by in her swing or bouncy chair. Sometimes I have to eat with her in the Moby Wrap if she is really needing contact lol. Then we take another trip to the potty and I set him up for quiet time before Anna wants to eat.

1 pm.
I nurse Anna in my bedroom, while Alan has his quiet time. I change Anna and put her down to sleep in her bassinet. I take Alan to the potty and then give him a snack. Then I try to get another household chore done. If I can, I vacuum or clean the kitchen or the bathroom. This is another time that we try to do play dates if we have one scheduled.

2 pm.
I take Alan to the potty again and set myself up to pump. I usually pump for about forty minutes and I meditate while I do it. Alan continues to have his quiet time until I am done. If he decides to take a nap that day, he takes it during this time. Afterwards, I eat a snack if I get the chance, and then hang out with Alan until Anna wakes up. We play bubbles or cars or we read stories and color.

Alan wanted to be like Anna while she played

3 pm. 
While I nurse Anna, I think about what to make for dinner. Alan hangs out with me in my bedroom while I nurse, then I take him potty and change Anna's diaper. I pull out what I have decided to make and set it out to make sure Lon agrees. Then Alan and I prepare for Lon to come home from work. We try to clean up the play area and find a good hiding spot. If Anna is awake, she participates in the hiding as well lol. :)

4 pm.
Lon comes home from work at the Village Inn and we surprise him. We all hang out in the living room for a bit, then I start making dinner. If I have to run any errands, I do them around this time. Lon gives Anna her daily bottle too if he needs to. When I get back home, I take Alan potty and then Anna wakes up so I nurse her.

5 pm.
We eat dinner together in the dining room. I am normally holding Anna while I eat at this point lol. Then I change Anna's diaper and take Alan to the bathroom. We hang out with Lon for a bit longer while he gets ready to go to his other job. Anna chills with me in the Moby Wrap.

Anna and Daddy snuggling

6 pm.
Lon goes to work at the MMA gym so we all gather by the door again to say goodbye. I nurse Anna and change her, before laying her down for another nap. If I am going over to visit my parents, we generally go over around this time. I take Alan on another trip to the potty. I work on my blog a little, if I can. :)

7 pm.
I take Alan to the potty and then I put him in the bath tub. He plays in the tub for about a half hour and after I brush Alan's teeth and comb his hair, putting him in his pajamas for the night. Alan and I prepare for Lon to come home from work again. We once again pick up what toys are out in the play area and find another hiding spot.

8 pm.
Lon comes home from work at the MMA gym and we surprise him. We all hang out in Alan's play area until Anna wakes up. I nurse Anna and change her diaper, then take Alan to the potty for the last time of the day. We then read several stories in Alan's toddler bed. Either Lon or I lays with Alan until he falls asleep.

9 pm.
Lon and I take a break and watch tv. If Anna is awake, she snuggles with us in our bed. If she is asleep too then we try to take a nap. If I can get a shower in, I take advantage of that as well. :)

10 pm.
I nurse Anna for the last time that night. After burping her and changing her, I put her to bed.

11 pm.
Lon and I go to bed ourselves. Glorious sleep! :D

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