Monday, August 27, 2012

Kelton's Third Birthday Party

Saturday was Alan's good friend Kelton's third birthday. We actually ended up not going to the Member Appreciation Day at the Y because we had too much to prepare for Alan's birthday. We spent most of the day running errands to prepare. But Kelton had his birthday party that night and we went with Aunt April. Almost all of our good friends were there. There are five of us girls from childhood who now have at least one child each. I love these girls so much because I feel like we are all sisters! Our kids listen to each of us and we all pass around the babies to give each other a break. Girls, I love you!!!! :D

Chelsea and her two daughters were there, as were Chelsey and her three boys lol. We were only missing our friend Jessica and her daughter but I'm sure that she had a good reason to not come. She's thirty weeks pregnant lol. :) We had such a good time and I took tons of pictures! So reader beware, this post will be a photo dump! :P By the way, I am having horrible hiccups right now. Ugh this is like the seventh time since Friday! Grrrr...

The party was Spiderman themed. I loved how Kelsie decorated the backyard and the cupcakes for the kids! So cute! The four of us got there about a half an hour late but that's to be expected when you have two kids lol. Everyone was eating pizza and the kids were playing when we arrived. Having run errands with us all afternoon with only one bottle, Anna was pretty sure that she was starving and wanted to nurse right away. So we retreated from the loud party to their house to nurse. I was grateful for Aunt April because Alan was able to stay out there and play with the kids. They chased each other around the backyard, played ball and just caused all around chaos lol. We were lucky to be inside or it might have taken Anna forever to nurse. She can have almost ZERO distractions when she nurses.

We finished just in time for cake. Everyone gathered around the table to sing Kelton happy birthday. Alan chose to stand next to Miss Teagan. :) I think he may have a little crush on her lol. We all sang and when it was time to blow out the candle, Kelton refused. I think he didn't like having all the attention on him, Alan is the same way. Finally, they convinced him to blow out the candle and then Kelsie showed the kids where the cupcakes were. Then it was a cupcake frenzy lol! I think Alan got two cupcakes and several other kids did too. But it was okay, there were only so many kids and Kelsie didn't want leftovers anyways. The kids were on a sugar high though, and it was even crazier when Kelsie introduced the water balloons.

The kids grabbed balloon after balloon, pelting each other and the ground with lightning speed. Even some of the bigger kids and the adults got involved. They went through the hundred water balloons in a matter of minutes! It was wild to watch! Everyone was in the shooting range lol, you had no idea if you were going to get hit! With a bunch of toddlers and water balloons NO ONE IS SAFE!!!!!!! :P All the kids wanted more balloons once they were gone, but Kelsie distracted them by having Kelton open his presents. And wouldn't you know, these kids are all so close EVERYONE helped Kelton open his presents lol. How nice of them right? ;) Kelton didn't mind one bit. He loves his buddies!

At this point, it was getting late and all the kids were getting tired and cranky. So Kelsie had them do the last activity, the Spiderman pinata. Kelton went first and Alan got to go after them. Those two boys are so tenacious! They weilded the baseball bat like a sword and swung it around to smack Spiderman. No one was really strong enough to break him open (though one kid knocked him off of the rope he was tied to) so after everyone got to go twice, Kelsie opened it for them. Then it was another little frenzy, only this time with candy. They all grabbed handfuls and filled their goodie bags. Then the big kids started a game of catch with the football while the little kids winded down and played with Kelton's new toys. Aunt April joined in the football game, but only because Kelton's uncles were cute lol. :P Ah, to be a teenager again. She was so dorky and girly, I knew she was flirting. I can only hear her now, "OH MY GOD JILLIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T YOU DARE WRITE THAT ABOUT ME!! I did NOT like those boys!"

Yeah right Aunt April... :)

Kelton's party was a total blast, we all had such a wonderul time and it was so nice to be able to see everyone and all their kids! I haven't seen most of them since having Anna, its been too long!! The kids are growing so fast, I can't believe how big some of them have gotten! I love you girls and your families! We must start up these playdates again!

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