Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Question Friday!! September 21, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! This weekend will be a little busy as we have a birthday party for one of Alan's friends, the Ringling Bros circus and an old classmate's baby shower to attend. We might also have a little park playdate with Aunt Ariel somewhere in there. But it should be a fantastic weekend! We can't wait!

Here is this week's Five Question Friday!

What is one grammar issue you cannot let go without correction?
I really hate when people use the word "seen" wrong. Like, "I just seen that over there." It drives me bonkers! And it sucks too because living in Montana means that I will hear the word "seen" misused more times than any sane person could handle. My other pet peeve grammar wise? Ain't. Sorry Montanans (and any other people who use ain't all the time lol) but ain't ain't a word! So stop using it!

While I am ranting I might as well get on spelling and punctuation too. Misuse of a word only bothers me so much. Especially living here, you hear it all the time, even I will accidently use the word ain't or say "seen" instead of "saw." Its a subconscious thing I think. :) But spelling and punctuation, there is almost no excuse. Unless you are my brother's age. I mean really, they are elementary things, why can some adults just not use them correctly? I'm not perfect, occasionally I mispell or use the wrong punctuation. But I will always correct myself afterwards and usually learn from my mistake. I am a school teachers daughter though so grammar has always been important to me. :)

What's your favorite thing about fall?
The colors! I'm a natural artist and so color has always been a HUGE part of my life. As a child, I never had one favorite color, I always told people I liked all the colors in the rainbow. Which was true, I do.

I just love fall colors though! The reds and browns and oranges and yellows, they are all so pretty! The leaves have just started to change here and I cannot wait to do a little outside photoshoot with them! I love those colors!

What's your favourite dish to take to a potluck?
It depends on the season, I usually have something different for each season. For example if we were invited to a potluck this month, I would probably bring my famous pumpkin cookies. I have a family recipe and they are a favorite with my friends and family. I brought them to my in-laws' Thanksgiving dinner two years ago and last year when we came, Aunt Ariel was expecting them and when I instead brought my grandma's stuffing recipe, she was quite dissappointed. Guess I know what I am bringing this year! :)

And I know that Thanksgiving dinner is not really a potluck, we just do not do too many of those ourselves so it was really the only example I had lol.

When do you start Christmas (Holiday) shopping?
Oh my gosh, CHRISTMAS!!!! I just love Christmas, how weird to hear that coming from a Buddhist right? But as a family, we celebrate Christmas. Curious as to why? Here is the reason. :) Anyways, Christmas is serioulsy my favorite holiday! Ask my husband, I drive him crazy with all the little traditions I try to include each year. We bake sugar cookies, decorate our tree, visit Santa, go sledding, go carolling (my husband's least favorite) and even make a point to give back to our comunity through volunteering or donation each and every Christmas.

I take Christmas seriously, but enjoy having alot of fun. Really though, I have already had EVERY Christmas present my family is getting for someone this year planned for about a month now. Yeah lol, I usually start my Christmas shopping planning in August! I know that's so early but its so I can start buying small gifts and saving them. We budget our money very strictly and buying a ton of presents all at once just does not work with that budget. So in reality, I have already bought a few of Alan's presents and Aunt April's present as well. Its just me being prepared. I could not do it any other way either.

Did you move homes a lot growing up?
No we never moved. My parents bought that house when my mother was eight and a half months pregnant with me and they still live in it. I love that my childhood home is now my children's grandparent's home, it is so cool to share memories with them and watch them make their own. My parents tried to move a few years back, just before Alan was born, and it never happened. I did not care then but I am very grateful for this now. My childhood home is also close to our house. It is walking distance away. I wish we weren't planning on moving because I love the idea of my children being able to walk to the school and their grandparent's house. I had that ability when I was a child. Maybe we will just have to find another place close to them!


Looking back on this week's posts, I realized that I only posted two photos of Anna this week and not a single one of my handsome boy. So I will leave you lovely readers with a picture of them from this week! Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend! Remember, your life is what you make it!


  1. The colours of fall are amazing although I do like the Christmas colours as well.

    1. I am the same lol! I swear I change as often as the seasons do! :) Thanks for reading!