Thursday, September 20, 2012

Color me Rad and Become my Life-Changer!

Because I really think I need one again.

This is step one of Operation: Make Mama Feel Normal Better

I say feel better and not normal because in reality and all truth, I hate the word normal these days. People have this hidden expectation of "normal" and what it is, and they are so scared to stray from it. All my life I have known that I am not necessarily normal and really kinda weird. It honestly has never bothered me because it is who I am, it has always been me and thus is natural for me. But I have noticed that when I call someone weird, not even to insult them, just as an observation, they become uncomfortable and get offended regardless. Why is this? I am just calling you weird in comparison to me, in my eyes this is a good thing and not something to become upset over. I am not trying to insult the person, just connect with them. Of course as an adult now, I no longer call people weird that much, except sometimes for my husband when I'm not thinking about it. It downright embarasses him. And that makes me a little sad. So I have developed a extreme distaste for the word normal, in camparison to people's extreme dislike of the word weird. So there world! Take that!

Anyways back to the subject at hand: The YMCA that I work for is having this 5k race the end of October. Its called Color me Rad. Up until recently, I was just going to volunteer for it and was not that excited or into it. Well that changed, so very drastically once I saw this video:

Oh. My. Goodness!!

This seriously is what I have been needing, the calling to make me feel happy and okay again. This is about love and happiness and peace signs and rainbows and colors and butterflies and all things that make my heart go Boom! I instantly texted my sisters and told them that we just had to go to this race and do this race. We have all gathered up a decent sized group of our closest loved ones and we just cannot wait to do this run! I even found the "recipe" to save the dye in your clothing afterwards. Um, totally going to do that lol!

I mean really, you have got to be some sort of Life-Grinch if seeing all that beautiful, bright color does not make your heart flutter, just a little bit. Because even my hard a$$ uncle had already signed up for it before I had spoke with him! And he is so manly man lmao! Just look at some of these pictures already. And if you haven't yet, go to their website and see if they are coming to a town near you! Do it!!!


Now that you have seen the video and all the photos, don't you want to run? All the benefits fom our race goes to the YMCA. How awesome is that?!

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