Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday! September 11, 2012

Today is a day of remembrance and memorial for the victims, hereos and their families of 9/11. During my morning meditations, I paused and thought of everyone for a moment. Sent them some loving, healing energy on such a hard anniversary. However today is not just about that. I am also a big advocate of making today about something different. Today is also my cousin Blake's birthday. It was his birthday before 9/11 and it will continue to be afterwards. Now, can you imagine having today be your birthday? Wow. My cousin is a very strong man and I love him to death. I never want today to be a dark day for my family, even though we still remember the vicitims, heroes and their families. We just choose to remember their lives and their happiness instead of the pain and tragedy they had to endure. If not for the sake of my cousin, but for the sake of those who died. Afterall, in their last minutes of life, it was not saddness they were sending to their families. It was love. :) Happy birthday Blake. We love you very much!

Here is this week's Toddler Talk Tuesday! I forgot to do it last week so I will add a few extra funny things Alan has said in this post to make up for it! And maybe a cute picture too? Does that work for your readers??? :P Listen to me, compromising with my readers, how crazy...

Toddler Talk Tuesday

For Grandparent's Day this year, we went to the zoo with Grandma Melanie and one of Alan's friends. We went to a brunch for Great Grandma Marcia first. Alan was very excited and telling everyone about going. He kept saying, "We are going to the zoo to see the stinky animals!" Wow! I was trying to figure out where he had heard this from before and he told me, "No Mama, some animals are clean and some are stinky. I just want to go see the stinky ones this time."

This morning, Alan came into our bedroom. Anna was sleeping in her bassinet and he didn't see her right away. He came up to me and said, "Mama, did Anna go back in your belly? I don't see her anywhere. Is she hiding or sleeping?"

I started work yesterday after my two month maternity leave. This meant Alan was also starting to go to "school" again too. I told him this yesterday and he responded, "You mean that I get to go to Hulk school, Mama? Good I love Hulk school, it makes me big and strong. And green like the Hulk!" Wow, he has been obsessed with the Hulk since we decided that he was going to be the Hulk for Halloween this year. Now everything is the Hulk lol. This one was by far my favorite!

Oh, this is an old one, I forgot! We were leaving the Montana Fair this year and we passed by the arena were Alan had seen Mickey on Ice previously. Upon passing this place, Alan started asking me where Goofy was. I did not get what he was getting at, so I told him that he was probably at DisneyWorld. Alan stopped walking and with a big stomp said, "NO MOM! Goofy isn't at DisneyWorld, he's at Grandma's van world! We will find him!"

And now like I promised, here is a cute photo of my kiddos taken the other night. Love that I get to have them next to my "work desk" instead of just photographs of them! SAHM winning lol!

Happy Tuesday everyone. Please tune in later for my 9/11 in the Eyes of a Child post. It should be emotional and interesting.


  1. Oh these are really good ones!! I love the one about her going back in your belly! :)

    1. Yeah I was weirded out by that one lol. :)