Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!! September 26, 2012

Today was a uneventful day, I only had to teach hiphop in the late afternoon. I also did not get too much done around the house either because Anna wanted to eat almost all day and I have not felt too good. I do not want to jinx myself by saying it but I think I am getting sick. I'm pretty sure that Alan is sick, he has been coughing alot at night. Ugh I just hope that Anna does not get it.

I'm linking up again with Jamie @ This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday. This is my second time linking up with her, be sure to check out her post! Enjoy!

I'm loving that when I went to the grocery store today, there was a HUGE pumpkin display out front! Yay for fall!

I'm loving that on the Katie Couric Show today two moms who breastfed in public came on a spoke about their experiences! Breastfeeding is being realized by more and more people as a normal and okay thing! This makes me happy!

I'm loving that a nurse in is being scheduled at Applebee's for this Saturday at one to honor one of the moms from the show. She was asked by a manager to nurse elsewhere there earlier this month. I am not sure if any moms will be nursing at our Applebee's, I will look into it! I would participate but I have to work then. :/

I'm loving that I did a hiphop dance to a Bob Marley song today in class and the kids loved it. Score!

I'm loving now that we have switched Anna to the Nuk pacifier instead of the Avent one we got at the hospital because Anna seems so much happier now! I think her mouth grew honestly lol.

I'm loving this new weird song, Gangnam Style. Lon originally was obsessed with it and now has gotten me hooked on it too. The dance is fun too!

I'm loving that Lon's birthday is coming up soon! Its only eight days away. I think I will take him out to dinner that weekend, oh that will be nice to get out just the two of us!

I'm loving that I got a shower in this morning! It was going on a few days (I won't say exactly how many lol) since I had last had one and I really enjoyed taking it. I like to feel clean lol.

I'm loving these cute clothes that remind me of fall:

I'm loving that I have my first birthday party to host this Saturday. Its been since before Anna was born that I did a birthday party! I am so excited!

I'm loving that I have started drawing again. Was drawing Miss Anna in her sleep last night. :) So nice now that I have children to draw lol! I had forgotten how much I love drawing them while they sleep.

I'm loving that I have a playdate scheduled with Kelton and Kelsie later this week. We love those guys and can't wait to see them!

I'm loving my friends, family and my life. :)

What are you loving today????

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