Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Labor Day Weekend: 3 Parks in 3 Days!

I've had several important posts to do this week first, but here is a post about our weekend. Hope you enjoy! Our Labor Day weekend was not super busy because Lon had to work both of his jobs, but the kids and I did manage to do some things. And I even got some great deals on Fall clothing for them! More about that later, check out our weekend:

Saturday afternoon Aunt April, Alan, Anna and I went to Pioneer Park. I brought the Moby Wrap with the stroller as back-up and was grateful I did so. About five minutes in, Anna decided it was too hot in the Wrap and she wanted to be in the stroller. Alan wanted to take us on a walk around the park first, then play on the playground so we followed him on his exploration. Anna enjoyed the views and the bumpy ride put her to sleep after some time. It was a great walk. I love Pioneer Park, its so beautiful! Its one of my favorite parks, there are so many trees!

Fun fact: Did you know that Pioneer Park was designed (without the playground) by the person who designed Central Park in New York City? It was supposed to be a wedding park, that's why all the trees are placed so artistically around each other. So pretty!

 Alan took us to the bridge, where he and Aunt April gazed over the edge into the running water. Several kids nearby were playing in the water and there was another family playing baseball in the bright sun. Aunt April asked Alan if he was scared, then told him about how the bridge had been there as long as she could remember. They talked about the moving water and they raced twigs in the little creek. I love Alan's innocence so very much! He enjoys the simple things- playing on a bridge, running in an open field, climbing over things. He is all boy!

Alan wanted to run the whole way and several times he outran Aunt April. She would get scared and sprint after him, while he stood there politely waiting for her. He knew his boundaries. Only when we rounded the corner of the park and started heading through the windy sidewalk to the playground did he start to "race" her. Of course, he beat her and I could see him the whole time but it sure was funny watching Aunt April scramble after him! We played at the playground after that. Alan went on slide after slide, including the big slide from when I was little. It was pretty popular this time around too! Alan told me at one point, "Mama this like the fair lines." and I had to agree with him! The line to that big slide was pretty long! I was able to also convince him to swing again. Alan usually does not like to swing and this time he was pretty apprehensive about it but he got used to it once two other boys were placed in the swings next to him.

Sunday, we had a three year old photo shoot for Alan. We used the time to take some photos of the family and for my new blog change too. We went to a park by the Yellowtone River called Norm's Island. Its one of my favorite places to go, that part of the river is so beautiful! Lon and I have not been to Norm's Island in like four years, not since the beginning of our relationship! It was a nice little anniversary trip with Lon since our four year anniversary is coming up. Kelsie was once again the photographer, she had a brand new Cannon camera she wanted to test out. We were so lucky! The river was really low but we took some goregous pictures in the woods anyways. We found an awesome little tree hut that worked perfect for our "wild boy" theme for Alan's pictures. He stood and pose proudly in it like it was his own home.

We took some really cute photos of the family and then Lon came up with an adorable pose for our couple picture! Loved it! After we were done with pictures, we let the boys take us exploring on the way back to the vehicles. They were pretty tired from all the walking so we ended up carrying them halfway. But we ran into several people with different dogs, which Kelton and Alan just loved. Then Alan was a little scared going back over the big bridge, which was weird because he had no issue with it the first time.

I won't post the actual photos from the shoot until after my new blog look is unveiled but here are some shots I took of the little playdate afterwards:

Labor Day we met up with Alan's BFF Korbin, his brother Keanu, his mother Erica and his Aunt Jessica for lunch and a playdate at the park. I let Alan decide which restaurant we were going to and he picked Daddy's Pizza aka the Village Inn. I think it was because he missed his daddy. Aunt April also came to help out. We ended up having so much fun!

We were the only costumers in the Village Inn, which was surprising because it was around lunchtime. We didn't mind one bit! Alan and Korbin hadn't seen each other since my birthday party so they were quite excited to see each other! The boys barely touched their pizza and instead jabbered at each other and had shouting contests. In the restaurant, yes... Like I stated earlier, we are had ZERO  issues with no one else being there.

After lunch, we headed across the street to Rose Park to play on their playground. There was a big Labor Day union barbecue going on also, with bouncy houses and live music. Erica, Jessica and I were slightly concerned about the boys wanting to go jump but we got lucky because the boys were more interested in the playground and swings. Anna was hungry herself at this point, so I warmed her bottle in the sunlight (Use of nature, yes) instead of starting something by asking the barbecue goers if they had warm water. It worked great (just took a little longer) and then Erica offered to feed her while we played with the three boys.

The boys played at all three playgrounds, though their favorite was the big kid one unfortunately. The big kid playground had alot of bars you had to cross, so it was good that we had a person per kid! That was exhausting! Thankfully we were able to distract them with the swings and move them over to the little kid playground. Yes! Alan had also really missed his Jessica, she is his favorite YMCA teacher, so they buddied up several times. She even took him to the bathroom for water! He didn't want me to! So sweet!

We had a great time this weekend! We went to three different parks in three days! Lucky Alan and I! At the same time though, it is really nice to be back into our regular schedule this week. I have the kds a certain way during the week and it is harder to keep them that way when we leave the house. As surprising as it sounds, I am becoming quit the homebody! But this weekend was still a blast, the perfect way to end our summer!

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