Monday, September 24, 2012

Family Photos

While working on my upcoming blog change (October 11) recently, I have discovered that it is not in need of as many photos as I had previously thought. My family had a photoshoot at Norm's Island over Labor Day weekend for my blog. We also took the time to take Alan's three year old photos and to update our family picture. Originally, I was going to wait to post these photos until after October 11 but since they are no longer really apart of the blog makeup, I will share them with you. Enjoy! These seriously are some of my favorite pictures of my family!

Daddy and Alan
Being silly together

Another tongue picture lol!

Messing around in the tree hut

Our first nice family picture together!

Trying to grab the camera

My big three year old

Alan's Hulk face lmao

Another family photo

Mama's sweet princess

Had to do a couple picture for the parents lol

Love him so much

I am so pleased with the results! These pictures are just beautiful! I cannot wait until I get actual prints of them to put up in my house! Next paycheck hopefully!

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