Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Recent Scare with Anna

I postponed posting anything about this until we knew what actually was going on with her. We are still not fully sure but it was diagnosed as a "false menstruation". But Anna is completely healthy and that is what is important.

Friday morning, I changed Anna's diaper from the night before and there was blood in it. A decent amount, not enough for me to take her to the ER but any blood is enough to call her doctor. We set up an appointment for later that afternoon. I proceeded to worry my butt off. My mother-in-law called me and assured me it was only leukorrhea and she had went through the same thing with her daughter.

We had her appointment scheduled at the west end clinic, about twenty minutes away from our house. I took both children with me, which was probably why I was about thirty minutes late lol. Thank goodness everybody knows me and my family so there was no offense taken. They were even helpful getting us inside when Alan had fallen asleep on the ride up there. I love my children's doctor office! Anna's doctor was off for the day so we saw the doctor on call. She was a younger looking gal, like she looked really young like I remember wanting to ask her if she had graduated from highschool when she was fourteen or something to that effect. She looked around my age or even younger than me! This did not affect her experience or knowledge at all, she discussed Anna's symptoms with me and then told me her thoeries of what it could be.

To her, it did not look like blood when I showed it to her. Yes, I am that parent who saves her diapers if needed to show the doctor. I did and I am glad I did. She thought it looked more like a copper or calcium deposit of some sort which would be of some concern. She honestly did not seem to know what it was and after dilberating with the other doctor there, she decided to issue a urine test. We were sent down to the hospital labs and after the bag was placed on her, we sat in our room for two hours waiting for her to pee. Let me tell you, it was very boring exciting to say the least.

Alan was bored after maybe ten minutes of being in that room and started his adventure of trying to turn on the sink faucet way out of his reach. I eventually had to hide the stool in the room right outside of the door in the hallway so that he would stop trying to climb it. I had to check Anna's diaper every ten minutes to make sure that her urine did not make the bag fall off, thus ruining the test. She was not very happy that the darn thing was on her in the first place either. She screamed pretty much the whole time, refused the breast and was just an all around unhappy little camper. Needless to say, I did NOT have fun. But it gets better...

After the test had been finished, we were asking to wait in their stuffy waiting room until the results were done. I'm not trying to be mean, even though I am upset they made us wait for four hours, it was actually very stuffy in there. The room was small and it was so obviously stuffy and uncomfortable that halfway through our time there, the secretary opened the door the the hallway. The other uncool thing was that there were absolutely no toys, books or magazines. Not even a darn television was in there. That waiting room had absolutely no stimuli in there whatsoever, so Alan was bored within maybe five minutes of being in there. And we waited for around four hours. At one point, I had to nurse Anna and I was so irritated about having to wait for a result instead of just recieving a phone call that I pulled out my boob and nursed her in front of everyone. I did not care lol.

I was a little too busy taking care of Alan and Anna to be worrying about the results. But a part of me still worried. What if the test came back positive for copper deposits? What would that mean? Was I giving her copper somehow though my breastmilk? Where was it coming from? We had never gone through anything like this with Alan. We waited for the four hours and then the receptionist came and apologeticaly told us the test was not done yet and we would get a call from them in the morning. I was furious and left right away. The next morning I had to call them for the results after waiting until after the kids' nap at two. Her doctor told me that the test came back stating it was blood in her urine, about three red blood cells per ounce of urine. So just barely not enough to see it except for in the morning. She said she did not know what was causing the bleeding but she wanted to do another test on Monday to see if it was still present. If it was gone by Monday it was most likely false menstruation and if not, it was something that would need further testing. This made me worry like crazy!

We had a pretty busy weekend, with the circus and birthday party and the baby shower. I felt like I was not able to fully enjoy it because I was worried about Anna. I did not allow anyone besides me hold her, except for my mother and sister. I was ridiculously paranoid. Well, Monday came along and I took her to her appointment. It was supposed to be this quick in and out thing, since it was scheduled last minute on Friday and conflicted with my dance classes. We arrived maybe ten minutes early and proceed to sit in the waiting room for another forty minutes! I am sorry for all the complaining but it was just crazy ridiculously how long we waited when we were only in there for maybe a minute. Then the receptionist tried to keep me there while Anna filled the bag again, and when I explained my situation to her and that I had all the correct instructions, she told me that she did not feel I was capable of handling it myself. Ugh! Regardless of all the silliness, I was able to get the test to the lab that night and Tuesday afternoon we got the confirmation that it was just false menstruation because there was no more red blood cells in her urine! Yes!

Now I ask you parents, have you ever dealt with a similar situation with your daughter when she was an infant? How silly am I for worrying so much? I feel like a drama queen now lol!

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