Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!! September 19, 2012

So part of me being positive about life and myself is reminding myself of things that I love and/or things that have blessed me. I found this blog hop today on A Babbling Brunette's blog while I was checking up on my Toddler Talk Tuesday link. Its the perfect thing I need! So starting this week, I will share with you what I am loving! Enjoy!

I'm loving teaching my students hip hop twice a week instead of the usual once a week. Makes it alot easier for the younger ones to remember the steps thus learning. Yes!

I'm loving that I get to spend the majority of my day with my children still. On aveage, I work maybe three times a week for two and a half hours each time? That is nothing compared to most people. I definitely feel blessed. :)

I'm loving that breastfeeding is going so well for Anna and I. She is a natural and it has made life so much easier on me! So blessed to not be having issues this time around!

I'm loving that this weekend brings not only the Ringling Brothers circus (a very dear and beloved family tradition, please no animal abuse comments) but also Alan's friend Colton's third birthday party.

I'm loving that Alan is not nervous about having his first dentist appointment next Tuesday. We have been discussing it twice a day, everytime I brush his teeth, and he seems excited not anxious about the whole oredeal. I have even told him that the dentist will put his fingers in Alan's mouth and it did not worry him. I hope he is as brave next Tuesday!

I'm loving how much Aunt Ariel misses Alan and Anna! She called Lon the other night and begged him to bring them by because she simply could not stand how much she missed them! She saw both of them on Sunday! Oh how sweet she is!

 I'm loving that two of my highschool classmates just had babies of their own, one even with her highschool sweetheart (I guess that makes three classmates lol). I have seen pictures of them and simply cannot wait to meet them! Oh how cool it is to have your classmates grow up with you and have kids that will grow up with your kids! It is too amazing in my opinion! Love it! Congratulations guys!

I'm loving this independent movie that Kayne West starred and directed right now. Its an oldie but a definite goodie. Be sure to check it out!

I'm loving that both of my children are sound asleep in my bed right now. Silly Alan woke up this morning and walked all the way down to our bedroom, only to pass out again in our bed. Anna awoke for her breakfast and now is sleeping soundly next to brother, full and happy.

I'm loving that I was able have leftovers from last night's delicious dinner of cheesy enchiladas and spanish rice. On nights like tonight when I work, I like to rely on leftovers because I have no time to cook my family a nice meal. Last night was a success for that!

I'm loving the idea of this new show Breaking Amish. We do not have Amish people who live here but we have a similar group of people called the Hutterites that live in our state. They dress like the Amish and have very similar morals and lifestyle choices. I have always found both the Amish and the Hutterites very intriguing and this show interests me as well. You should check it out on TLC.

I'm loving that Montana is experiencing an Indian Summer. Not sure if that is only Montanan talk so let me explain lol. Even though it is mid September, the weather is still a hot 80 degrees most days. This makes me confident that the weather will be nice for Color me Rad late October.

I'm loving the whole idea of Color me Rad! Its such a beautiful prospect, I just simply can't handle it. Its so beautiful! Be sure to check it out, it may be coming to a town near you!

I'm loving that I pumped over three ounces on only one side yesterday! Go boobies lol!

I'm loving all of life's little things. From fuit punch in a mason jar to kisses from my big boy to loves notes I find from my sweet husband to Anna's adorable little headband and bow collection. Today is good. :)

I'm loving reading the Hunger Games! Lon bought it for me with his last paycheck so I would have something new to read again. I'm a little over halfway now and I am addicted! It is such a good book! I have heard that the movie is not worth it however. I will still see it, just to see if I am right about which character Woody Harrelson plays. :)

I'm loving that we still live in the same town as both of our parents. I could not imagine moving away from the children's grandparents ever! They help us out too much. I think I see both sets of our parents each and every day! Thanks guys, we love you so much!

I'm loving fall patterns and clothes! I just adore all of these cute little clothes I found this week. Wish I knew how to make clothing! Then maybe I could afford them lol!



I'm loving that I can start making my famous pumpkin cookies now that its technically fall! Yes, I just love the whole process of making my cookies, from the pumpkin patch picking all the way to the eating of the cookies. Waahoo!

I'm loving the Flaming Lips again. There's a big surprise lmao! I know I am always loving them but I haven't been listening to them too much since having Anna. I think it was subconsciously because they are experiemental music and my newborns do not always share my liking for them lol. But I have been listening to them alot more lately.

I'm loving all this natural sunlight in my house today! I woke up early with my Anna Sun ;) this morning and when I looked outside, I loved how beautiful and sunny it was out! So as soon as everyone was awake in the house, I opened up all the windows. Ahh all this sunlight and cool breeze is refreshing for my soul.

My Anna Sun enjoying the natural light too.

I'm loving that the weather was so perfect for our play date with Kelton, Teagan and Harper. I was a warm 80 degrees and the sun was shining. :) Thanks Mother Nature for the pretty weather! 

I'm loving my family, my friends, my job, my life. :)

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