Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday!! September 18, 2012

Today we had the jeep for the day to run errands around town. We went to my work, the bank, the pharmacy and then we met up with Alan's friends Kelton, Teagan and Harper plus their mommies at Sacajawea Park. Anna napped the whole time, alternating from her stroller to a blanket on the grass to Mama's arms. We all throroughly enjoyed our time at the park though. We all got some Vitamin D from the good ol' sun and spent time with some people we love dearly. We also found out some exciting news about one of their families! I will share later. ;) Overall it was a great day for us!

My beauty napping in the light sunlight while her brother plays with his buddies.

Linkng up again with Brittan @ A Babbling Brunette for Toddler Talk Tuesday! Check it out!

Toddler Talk Tuesday

Anna was napping in her bassinet while I blogged next to her on my bed. Alan came in from his play area and was confused so he asked, "Mama, did Anna go back in your belly?" Laughing so hard, I explained to him that she was simply sleeping in her bassinet and I lifted him up to show him. Silly boy!

This is an embarrassing one. There was an older lady at the store with short hair. Alan was walking next to me while I pushed Anna in the shopping cart. My son seriously has no filter! Upon seeing this lady, Alan said very loudly to me, "Mama, look at that big man! He is so big and cool! Big, cool man!" Oh my word, I was one embarrassed mother! :/ I quietly started explaining over and over again to him that that person was a woman and not a man. That she just had short hair like Aunt Nikki. This did not phase him one bit. Oh no! He then proceeded to shout at this poor lady, even though I struggled to silence him, "Hey big, cool man! Hey big, cool man! I want to be your friend!!!" Thankfully, this lady was a wonderfully understanding person because she turned around and told him politely that she was a woman but would still like to be his friend. Oh thank goodness! I felt so much better after that. I mean seriously Alan!

Tonight we were going through Alan's bedtime routine (bath, brush hair, brush teeth, story, snuggle) and I was combing his hair in his bedroom. He kept playing and laying down in his bed while I tried to comb his hair. I told him to stand still so we could hurry and read his story faster. He responded, "Yeah hurry Mama or MY HAIR WILL EXPLODE!!!!!" What a dramatic little man!

What funny things does your child say? Have they ever embarrassed you in public? Why am I even asking this, they are children, of course they have! Have a wonderful week guys!

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