Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Anna Ariel: Ten Months Old

Having been so busy from this month's craziness, I did not even realize that Miss Anna is ten months old today! A whole month have passed and looking at our sweet girl, you can totally tell. She has developed so much in this past month, started crawling and pulling herself up and even eating the same meals as us! Big girl!

At ten months old, Anna Ariel:

*weighs approximately 20 pounds and is approximately 27 1/2 inches tall

*wears size 6M and 9M in onesies, 9M and 12M in pants, and size 3 in diapers

*still has no teeth, although you would not be able to tell by how much she is teething lol

*has auburn blonde colored hair with red tones. Some days it can be very orange or red like Aunt April's while others it will be more brown or blonde. It is very curly and goes all the way down to shoulder blades in the back. Its so pretty!

*has blue-ish hazel eyes that light up the room!

*eats pretty much what we do now. She has tried tacos, spaghetti, cereal, a hamburger and several other things this past month. Big girl!

*has been breastfeeding for the past ten months now. She nurses three times a day still and takes the remainder in a bottle. This marks two months longer than Alan nursed. I am feeling especially good about this because she is a premie. Yay go Anna and I! <3

*can now pull herself up to standing! She started doing that earlier last month and has only perfected it! She is now trying to stand on her own! Wild girl!

*started crawling (like for real crawling) this past week! She only does it right before pulling herself up and still prefers to army crawl most places.

*enjoys playing Peek-A-Boo with people. She can cover up her own face and will squeal when she exposes her face. She sometimes will be so silly that she will peek her eyes out while she is hiding lol. Love her so much!

*claps at everything lol. She is so silly! She will applaud you for getting her out of the carseat, for giving her a bite of your food, for getting her dressed. What a goof!

*says "Mama" all the time now. While she eats, when she is playing, during her bathtime, while I change her bottom lol. She loves saying my name over and over. I love it so much, its like music to my ears. We are really trying to get her to say "Dada" now.

*can also say, "Baba (Bottle) and Hi"

*is back to sleeping through the night again thankfully! That month of little to no sleep was almost too much for this Mama lol. She now sleeps from 9 PM to 7 AM. She will take an hour or two nap around 11 or noon and sometimes again in the evening if she is REALLY tired.

*loves clothes, the colors pink and purple, FOOD lol, any animal, people especially boys lol and her big brother. She is already such a character!

*is going to daycare for the first time ever tomorrow! We are somewhat nervous but very excited for her!

Happy ten month birth abbiversary Anna! Daddy, Alan and I love you to the moon and back!

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