Thursday, May 16, 2013

At the Dentist

I apologize for not posting yesterday, as you can imagine I was pretty busy with the whole dentist ordeal. Alan was sedated (for the first time) and had several cavities filled. Due to his age, he had to be put under almost completely with a shot and an IV. I was quite a nervous wreck but he did pretty good.
I stayed in the waiting room with Anna and Lon went back with Alan. Alan sat in Lon's lap and played his Wreck it Ralph app and was given a quick shot in the right shoulder. Alan immeadiately freaked out about the pain and then started freaking out about the way his body felt. It sounded quite bad from the waiting room but Lon said it was not as bad as it sounded. He was able to calm him down enough and Alan snuggled up into Lon right before falling asleep fully. They then had Lon come out with us so they could start the IV and begin surgery.

The surgery took around an hour and a half. Lon and I played with Anna to keep her entertained. She wanted to walk sooooooooooo bad and wanted to get into everything! She is such a fireball just like her brother! Oh boy! :) Alan did wonderful in the surgery, he started fighting them in his sleep some but Lon went in there and spoke to him, calming him down enough so that the dentist could finish. Everyone was very impressed and proud of Alan for how well he did, Lon and I most of all. :)
Afterwards, he was very out of it and weak. His memory however, was crystal clear lol. "Mommy, we are all done at the dentist. Can we go get my treat now?" Amazing little man lol! Lon carried him out to the car and we ran quick to the toystore. Alan insisted on going inside so we all went in. He picked out a Phineas and Ferb LeapPad game that is for Kindergarteners! I tried to convince him otherwise but he refused to listen lol. He has only needed SO much help though.

He was loopy for about two hours then wobbly for about five hours, he was pretty weak for the remainder of the day. But he recovered nicely! Lon and I are so proud of him! He did fantastic! Good job Alan! We love you!

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