Friday, May 17, 2013

This May Blow Your Mind

Or it may not lol? :) I can never tell with you kids!

This weekend will be fun for the family and I. Saturday is our all staff meeting and dinner at work, then Aunt April's ballet recital. Sunday is graduation party day lol! I have two former dance students' high school graduations and my friend Chelsey's graduation from nursing school! Should be a busy but fun weekend! The kids and I will just be exhausted by Sunday night lol but it will sure be worth it! I live for weekends like this! :)

Most people don't say this about their job, I may be one of the few people to say this but I love our all staff meetings!  We have 200+ employees at the Y and its so nice to get everyone together for dinner! Everyone brings their kids and its one BIG family get together. Plus its always so positive  Love that I feel this way about my job, we are so blessed! I am also so very proud of Aunt April. She has really been working pointe this year and has developed into QUITE the little dancer! Good luck Aunt April! And though I currently have NO idea how we will make my three parties and Aunt April's two parties all in one day on Sunday. That is our plan though so we are going to try our best!

Now before I start with the "main" of my post, I would like to write a little disclaimer. Today I am sharing my family's religious choices and beliefs more in depth with you readers. I have not chosen to do this before on this blog because of two main reasons: this is a blog about my family, like one big online Baby Book for us all? There is no real reason for me to share something that we already know about and practice. The other reason is because I do not believe in pushing my beliefs and religion on others. However, I do feel like it may be time to now. Our life is so vastly different then most because of our morals and many don't know this. Last weekend I saw Cloud Atlas for the first time and fell in love with it.  This is really what made me want to write this post, it is so SPOT on with my beliefs.

As some of you may know, I am a practicing Buddhist and have been for almost six years now. I believe in something slightly different then most people that live here do, something that can be hard for me to explain to people sometimes. I am talking about reincarnation. When most people think about reincarnation, it typically goes one of two ways: the stereotypical eastern thought that basically says your brother may have once been a dung beetle, or the more modern situations where children reported recalling memories and events that they CLEARLY never experienced (like from the Civil War or from World War 2 pilots). These are both examples of reincarnation but they are very vague in explaining what I truly believe.

I believe that the body is just a form of the soul, a shell if you will. Our soul is us, who we are, and transcends time. The soul itself is immortal, our bodies are the ones with the ticking clock. I believe that my soul has inhabited many bodies throughout time, anywhere from an animal to a man to another woman. I also believe in karma, in two forms. Karma will affect you throughout your life, depending on whether you are a good, wholesome person or a genuinely bad person. Basic good karma and bad karma right? Pretty simple. But I also believe that things you have done in your past lives will affect you in this life. For example, if you were a serial killer in a past life, you may have a very unlucky present life that you can't explain.

This movie, Cloud Atlas is perfect! It is almost an exact portrayl of what we as a family believe. The movie takes place in five different settings, all throughout time. There is a general theme of overcoming all odds angainst them and they are all connected in some way. I do not want to give ANY of this movie away though, I want you all to go out and see it. Yes! I love it so much!
If you have any questions about Buddhism or our beliefs, feel free to comment below. I will gladly answer any questions. I hope I explained it well enough, I am running on little sleep lately with Anna teething. No teeth to pop up so far. :( Come on teeth! I ask obly one thing, if you choose to comment please be respectful. I respect your religion and beliefs, and hope you will do the same. However, if you choose not to, I am an adult and can very easily erase the comment. I just hope that I will not have to do that.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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