Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Preparing for School and First Birthday Plans

Today we have Alan's make up gymnastics class from when he had fillings last week. I got a chance to go alone with him, which meant that I was able to watch his class, rather than chase Miss Anna around the lobby lol. Thanks Lon! :) This week, he has two gymnastics classes. And tomorrow is his last class before summer break. He will start up again next September.

This summer I have plans of teaching him to swim and preparing him for preschool. I plan on taking both kids swimming at least once a week and he is going to do swim lessons at the gymnastics school in July. He has swam before, but has never taken swim lessons. I remember as a child HATING them lol! Hopefully he will have a better time than me and learn lots. I also will be graduating him to wearing underwear ALL the time that he is awake this summer. Currently, he does not wear underwear at school or in public places but this will change, to prepare him for preschool. I am thinking about having him do a preschool camp possibly this August too. Just to fully get him ready for fall.

This fall, he will be in preschool Tuesdays and Thursdays hopefully. I am planning on enrolling him at the YMCA preschool like I originally planned. On Tuesdays or Wednesdays, I will have him in gymnastics again. I was also thinking of letting him try my hiphop class on the days that he is with me at work, but we will see. :) I can't wait for next fall!

With Anna's birthday less than two months away, I think now is the time to start planning for her party. July is a crazy month for us. Not only is it Anna's birth month but I have my birthday, my mom has her birthday, and my dad, and Aunt Ariel, and both of my cousin's kids, and its Baby B's due date. It is also my parent's wedding  anniversary and my uncle is also getting married this July, only a few days before Anna's birthday. Holy July lol!

I am not sure when we will do Anna's party. Her birthday is July seventh, so I am pretty sure we will be doing her party after her birthday rather then before just to make it easy on everyone. I am also not fully sure where we will have the party at. I would love to have it at my house but I know we do not have the room to. Possibly a park, or maybe the local coffee shop due to the heat.

The thing that I do ACTUALLY have planned lol is the theme. We are doing a "Sweeter Than Sugar" party for her. I am doing candy and cupcake themed decorations, she is having her one year photo shoot at the local candy shop, and instead of a cake we will be having a sweet bar. I am so excited! She is sweeter than sugar, and I have so many cute ideas to make this such a fun party! We will have lots of balloons and bubbles and treats! I love it!

I want to hand make the invitations, I think. We will see if I have the time lol, but that would be so awesome! I have been finding lots of great ideas on Pinterest. I still hope that I find a few more ideas and maybe plan some games. Most of the guests will be Alan's age and older, so I am thinking two or three games. Maybe a life size Candy Lane game? That would be AWESOME!!


  1. Hey there! Hope your Sweeter than Sugar party turns out great! Sounds like fun

    1. Hey thanks! I hope it goes well too. I have five treats that I will be making and I have only three of them planned lol! Still need to think up two more. Hmmm... Should be lots of fun though!