Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Gymnastics Showcase and Other Thoughts

We have a nice weekend planned. We will be at Alberta Bair again to support Aunt April and Diversity Dance at the KR National Dance Competition tomorrow. I am excited and so is Miss Anna! She loves watching her aunt and all of her aunt's friends perform.  She can't wait to get up there herself! And as everyone knows, it's Mother's Day on Sunday. Lon and the kids surprised me early with a pedicure at the spa! I don't know what else is planned but as long as my day is spent with my husband and my kids,  I will have the best Mother's Day ever!

Alan had his gymnastics showcase on Wednesday and he did so awesome! I was the only one in family who was able to go, Lon and Grandma Melanie both had work.  But I did film the whole thing for them.  I will share one of his videos with you readers.  Enjoy! Watch out for Alan at the 2024 Summer Olympics lol! I am only joking. :P

Today we walked to Terry Park to meet up with my friends DesiRae, Kelsie and her two boys for a picnic. It was HOT OUT! I think it had to be low 80s at least. I felt like a sweaty mess after we got home lol. But we had fun and the boys had a blast, chasing each other around and fighting like brothers lol. Love them both so much!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful,  fantastic,  amazing Mother's Day! Despite how we all feel sometimes,  you are all super moms!  I MEAN IT! You all rock! If you are a mama and have no one to celebrate Mother's Day with, please email me at freerangefamily@gmail. com and I will do my best to make your day just A LITTLE more special.  No mother should feel alone,  unappreciated or unloved on Mother's Day.

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