Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Uncle Kalvin!

Today is Uncle Kalvin's ninth birthday.

It is honestly a little sad to think that my BABY brother is now almost ten. I remeber the day he was born, bringing him home for the first time, his first words and steps, all of those things. And now he's nine years old, a master gymnast and an aspiring karate kid. He will soon be a third grader! He is getting so big too fast lol! I feel like my mom saying that, but its true. If my Kalvin is growing up, it means my ALAN is growing up lol! :(

He is a wonderful uncle to Alan and Anna. They both love him so much. He can act more like Alan's big brother at times, but still knows when to be his uncle. I have fond memories myself of having a similar sibling relationship with one of my uncles as a child. I greatly have valued this all my life and am very happy Kalvin will be there for Alan throughout his life in a similar way. As for Anna, he is a very protective uncle and very helpful. Anna just ADORES him and lights up when he walks in the room. They both love their Kalvin!

We celebrated Uncle Kalvin's party last night at the local bowling alley. It was Disco Bowling Night there, we had so much fun! Alan and I bowled with everyone while Anna hung out with Grandma Melanie and Great Grandma Carol. Then we all enjoyed Kalvin's awesome CAMO cake and ice cream. It was a great party!

Happy birthday bud. We love you so very much. I hope your day is as awesome as you are! And you're pretty awesome so... :D


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