Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

I am not at all feeling good today. Last night was spent with me tossing and turning all night, nauseous and all that fun stuff. Ugggggh I want it to already be night time, so I can crawl back into bed... Okay stop thinking about it lol, you're only gonna make yourself more miserable at work. :P Let's distract myself by writing about Christmas Day (Oh I think I have lost it officially, cos its not like I wasn't already planning on doing that today. Oh well).

Christmas Day was magical for us and especially Alan. :) Lon and I woke up around eight and set up the Christmas tree with all of the presents and his stocking. Then we made a little bed on the floor for him to sleep on. I found a cute Christmas kids music channel on the tv, so we played that quietly in the background. We brought him out, still asleep, and hid in our bedroom until we heard his little voice. We waited for almost an hour before he woke up! :D But close to nine, we heard his little voice squeak, "Wha???" and we snuck out there quickly.

Our sweet boy was sitting up, looking around in amazement. He noticed us and stood up, and immeadiately told us Happy Christmas. Then he sat back down and rubbed his still sleepy eyes, almost expecting it all to be a dream. Sooooo sweet! It melted my heart a little bit, I was so touched. :) Alan wouldn't go to the tree without us for some reason lol, so we walked him over and helped him start opening presents. He woke up right after that, and opened all of his presents really fast lol. He was so excited!

He got several loud, noise making trucks including a Tonka Chuck the Truck. Yay for us lol. :P


Have you seen these things? They are crazy and can move on their own lol! Alan's favorite toy by far!

Then we had a big breakfast Lon cooked for us. We had waffles, eggs, bacon and some fruit. Yummy! We are settled ourselves in front of the tv to watch Disney's Christmas parade. Alan enjoyed most of it, except all the singers lol, and his favorite was of course the life-size Mater and McQueen! Did you see those guys? They were so cool looking and they drove on their own! Alan freaked out about them and had to show every one of his new toys them lol. What a silly boy!

We had a house visit from Lon's family during the parade. Grandpa Steve was sick so they decided to come to us instead us going to their house. Alan was excited to see his aunt and uncles again, and he showed them all his new toys. They could only stay for so long though, so afterwards we took Alan for a little walk around the block to pass the time. We then took a family nap together, which was FANTASTIC! :) At that point, it was time to get ready to go to Great Aunt Carolyn's for dinner.

Up at Great Aunt Carolyn's was fun. About half of Alan's great aunts and uncles and cousins made it there and even Alan's favorite second cousin, eighteen month old Sophie. Last year Alan was hesitant to share any of his toys with her, but this year he gave her his favorite toy to play with. We were so proud of him! Sadly, Alan's other cousin, five month old Fayth, wasn't able to make it. :( We will have to meet up with them later before the year ends! :) We had a delicious dinner of turkey and ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, blackberry jello (Alan's favorite), green bean casserole, rolls, and fruits and vegetables. Alan really only ate the jello and a half a roll lol, he wouldn't touch his turkey or mashed potatoes. And green beans? Out of the question. :) But he had some pumpkin pie too, which makes up for it... Lol right?

Then it was time for presents. Unfortunately, Sophie had a lot more gifts than Alan did (Great Aunt Carolyn is her grandmother so) and that caused some issues in the beginning. But Sophie was a great sharer as well, so she let Alan help her open all of her gifts. Then it came to his gift, from Great Grandma Carol and Great Grandpa Floyd, which he flew through. It was several cute outfits, but Alan didn't care lol. He threw them in the Christmas tree! We had to make a quick dash to the car to grab one of Alan's already opened presents from earlier to play with. After that, he was great. Him and Sophie played together for about an hour on the coffee table! We got tons of pictures of them together too. So cute they are together!

Our Christmas was so fantastic this year! Everyone was so pleased with my pregnancy, and I was able to spend time with the people that matter most to me. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas and I hope your New Year is just as bright! :) Tune in tomorrow for my first ever Pregnancy Post: Week by Week.

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