Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Plans

Only three more days until Christmas! I am so excited to get together with my family and spend some quality time together, since we haven't had the chance to do that in so long! :)

Our Christmas Eve plans are pretty simple this year. Lon and I both have all day off, so we will get the chance to sleep in! Yes! After a much needed rest, Alan and I will be heading over to my parent's house to help my siblings make Christmas cookies.


Oh we go all out for Christmas cookies lol. It is a full on production for my family lol. Aunt Natalie and I do the cookie cutting (with help from Alan lol) and the baking. Aunt April is in charge of frosting the cookies. Uncle Kalvin and Alan get the important job of adding sprinkles and candy and decorating the the rest of the way. We normally make about 6 dozen cookies each year, and this year might be more around 8 dozen lol. I know I have 5 dozen just for myself and my family. :) I will have to post about how it goes, hopefully with pictures too!

After cookies, we will stop by a few close friends' houses to spread some cheer and deliver our Christmas cookies and cards. Then home to have lunch with Lon and finish wrapping up our gifts (I admit, I have given up this year and am waiting until Saturday to wrap lol). Around three, we will head back over to my parent's house for Christmas orderves and appetizers. My parents and siblings will all be there, as well as my grandparents and some of my cousins. We always open our presents from my mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve so we will be doing that. Then around seven, we will head over to the Village Inn Pizza to celebrate with Lon's family.

We have been having pizza on Christmas Eve with Lon's family for four years now. The place is closed on Christmas Eve, so we get full run of the restaurant. Its an odd tradition lol, but we love it. Lon's parents will be there, along with Great Grandma Audrey and Great Grandpa Stan (from Utah!), Uncle Cameron, Uncle Tyler and Aunt Sam, Uncle Chase and Aunt Ariel. Alan loves to go there and play tag through the restaurant with Aunt Ariel while the pizza is cooking. He loves the freedom of the empty restaurant. Then we have pizza and open Christmas presents. We only exchange gifts between the siblings on Christmas, but Alan always gets spoiled by his uncles and aunt! Then we head home for the night.

Christmas Day will be special for us. We have a family announcement for everyone that we are so excited to share. :D And it will be Alan's first Christmas where he will actually understand what is going on. We can't wait! Christmas morning, we are going to sneak Alan out into the living room while he is still asleep, then hide in our own room, with video camera and camera in hand, until he wakes up to all his presents. We might even put on the Disney Christmas parade on the tv to help wake him up lol. I just can't wait to hear his excited voice and see his happy little face, when he first sees and opens his gifts. I might cry of happiness. :)

We always watch the Disney parade together and Lon always make breakfast for us on Christmas Day, so we will watch that. I love Disney and especially the parades they do! One of these days when Alan is older, we will plan a trip to Disneyworld for Christmas, just so my son can experience that magic. Because there is nothing else like a child in Disneyworld, especially around Christmas time. Its just magical. :)


After the parade is finished, we will head over to Lon's parent's house for Christmas breakfast and more present opening. Alan loves going to his grandma's house, because she has three dogs and several cats. He loves to chase them around, and I'm sure this Christmas he will be terrorizing them with his toys lol. :) What a rowdy boy we have. Then, its off to Great Aunt Carolyn's house for a late Christmas lunch.

Everyone will be up there! Alan's great grandparents, his great aunts and uncles, his cousins and second cousins, and my family too. :) We are excited to share our news with everyone, and now that there will be quite the hubbub lol. But I can't wait to just see everyone and spend time with everyone. I miss my family so much lately! :)

How will you be celebrating your holiday?

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