Friday, December 30, 2011

The Pregnancy Post: Week by Week! Week 11

I know I said I would post this yesterday, but Wednesday night I was up all night sick. I didn't get a wink of sleep, and so my boss sent me home early yesterday morning. I was relieved, it gave me the chance to catch up on my sleep, tidy up my house some more (a hard thing for me to do, even this early along in the pregnancy. I hate feeling so weak!), and spend some time with Alan.

I can't believe I am already eleven weeks along! It seems like just yesterday we found out, though in reality its been over a month! I haven't been in to see my doctor yet, have to get my insurance figured out first, which we have been trying to for about five weeks now. Ugh! We are hoping for next week to be the big doctor week! :)


How far along: 11 weeks 5 days
Size of Baby: a third of an ounce, size of walnut
Total Weight Gain: Haha, I think I am still ten pounds lighter than I was because of the morning sickness. :P
Maternity Clothes: Not yet lol. I am finding myself needing to wear older, smaller clothes from like highschool now. Still really tiny, people say I don't even look pregnant!
Gender: We are hoping for a boy, but won't know for a few more weeks.
Movement: None yet, I have a few more weeks for that too.
Sleep: Sleep is a joke right now. If I am not tossing and turning all night, then I am waking up every hour, on the hour, to throw up. Yes 24 hour morning sickness is the best, not!
What I miss: Sleep and not throwing up like all the time lol.
Cravings: Ice cream, burgers, pizza, pickles, sometimes even salmon! :D
Symptoms: Morning sickness, feeling weak or light-headed, slight round ligament pain, all around exhaustion, out of breath easily, food aversions and nausea
What I’m looking forward to: Actually going to see the doctor, hearing baby's heartbeat and seeing the first ultrasound!

This week was our big week of telling everyone else, except for our families (who already knew from Christmas). It was a week of excitement for us and everyone. We told my coworkers and Lon's coworkers, Lon's best friend Uncle Chris, and all of my good friends. We still haven't told Uncle Darren or my lovely Jenelle yet. But I can't wait to do that! :D

No belly pics this week lol. Lon and I took some last night and although I can see a definite bump, Lon says I still have a flat belly lol. He thinks no one will notice. :P So look forward to next week's Pregnancy Post for a belly pic! And I'll be in my second trimester! Whoo!

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