Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday! April 17, 2013

The weather has just been WILD and bipolar lately. One day its low 60s out and the next its trying to snow! How crazy! Make up your mind please, we would like to have a consistent wardrobe lol. :P Anyways, I have a lot of things to love today, so let's go ahead and get this thing started lol!

I'm loving... that my wedding anniversary is in 6 days. I love you Lon! Happy anniversary!

I'm well hiphop class has gone today! We are soooooo ready for this performance, I cannot even wait! They will rock it!

I'm loving... that Alan is doing so well potty training again! I think that we will start wearing underwear at school and in public now. So proud of him!

I'm loving... that Anna will also be going to daycare starting next month. She will be going two months earlier than planned, but this is due to my dance class schedules. I know that she will be fine, everyone loves her.

I'm loving... all the acts of kindness invovled with the Boston bombing. From the runners who donated blood to the restaurants who feed people for free to the immense amount of emergency response staff, you are all amazing! <3

I'm loving... that Aunt April is going to Ogden, Utah to participate in a dance competition and workshop over the weekend. I would love to go, she gets to take class from TRAVIS WALL!!!! Those of you who do not know who he is, google him. He is an amazing dancer and was on So You Think You Can Dance. Love his work!

I'm loving... that I am getting stuff prepared for Natalie's baby shower in May. I mailed all the invitations earlier this week and will be buying supplies for the games over the weekend hopefully.

I'm loving... that today is National Hemophilia Awareness Day. Anna has a buddy from my breastfeeding group who has Type A Severe Hemophilia and it affects every aspect of his life. These people need lots of love and support!

I'm loving... that tomorrow is Anna's well baby check up at the doctor's office. I love getting to see how big she is getting!

What are you loving tonight?

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  1. I'm totally loving that it's my birthday today but I'm not loving the news of a fertilizer plant explosion here in Texas that has killed up to 15 people and injured 160. So crazy!!!