Friday, April 5, 2013

Anna Ariel: Nine Months Old

I am doing this a few days early this month because of the busy weekend and Aunt April's birthday on Monday. But this Sunday, Anna will be nine months old! I will be taking her pictures then too, I will be sure to post them. Otherwise, we have Thunderstruck Dance Competition and the Shrine circus this weekend. The kids are excited and I can't wait to take some cool photos! There is so much variety and color at BOTH of those places! :)

At nine months, Anna Ariel:

*weighs approximetly 19 pounds 19 pound and 9 ounces and is approximetly 26 and 1/2 inches 28 and 1/2 inches long.

*is in size 6M for onesies and shirts, size 9M for pants (this girl has some LEGS lol) and is in size 3 for diapers.

*is growing out of all of her baby toys! The swing went first, with the Bumbo seat shortly after it and now the Jumperoo is too small for her too. We just have the bouncy chair left lol! This girl is LONG!!!

*has blue eyes with specks of hazel in them like her father and brother. Her hair though, is determined to stay red. It has some lighter areas but is mostly a red brown color. The combination is simply gorgeous!

*has no teeth still, although the drooling and night time fevers would like to say otherwise. She sure IS teething, we are just waiting for any teeth to show up lol. I'm not complaining too much lol, nursing only is complicated with teeth. :P

*has eaten all of her solids and is at the point of trying thicker substances and more exoctic foods and flavors. She has tried all of the grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and meats. I think we will start introducing her to our dinner food this month. She is an eating champ!

*is still breastfeeding, about three times a day now. Once when she wakes up, once at naptime, and once before bedtime. She takes breastmilk in bottles the rest of the time. I am proud that she has now been nursing for a month longer than I did with Alan.

*has perfected her wounded soldier, belly crawl to the point where she may never crawl. She can move FAST this way and she knows it lol! Lon is still convinced that she will crawl though. She has been rising onto her knees lately but I think she is trying to pull herself up.

*is more interested in pulling herself up and trying to stand than anything right now. She gets so excited when she stands up while being held. We only think its a matter of time before she starts doing it on her  own!

*started clapping for the first time on Easter. She knew how to slap her belly before but ever since she has been clapping non-stop! Its awesome!

*is also talking up a storm! She can say Mama, Dada, Yeah, and Bobba. I love her little voice so much!

Happy nine month anniversary Anna! Lon, Alan and I love you so very much!

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