Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Little Something for my Sweet Siblings

In honor of it being National Sibling Day, I wanted to dedicate today's post to my siblings. And I have been sooooooooooooo horribly swamped with preparing for the Spring Dance Showcase, that I have time to post only one post today. So I will be doing a What I Love About My Siblings Wednesday instead!

I love... that Natalie will be a mother soon. She is an amazing aunt and will be a wonderful mother as well.

I love... how beautiful of a dancer April has developed into. She makes me so proud!

I love... that Kalvin is such a great gymnastics role model and mentor for Alan. He is the whole reason Alan started gymnastics!

I love... how Natalie is working in a hospital now and going to school. All while pregnant, what a hard worker! Keep it up girl!

I love... that April is planning on taking honors classes in high school. Good for you! Honors classes are hard but definitely worth it!

I love... that Kalvin is doing so well in school! He is getting really good at reading and math.

I love... how funny Natalie can be! We are the goofiest people sometimes and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I love... April's lovely voice. That girl is quite the singer, she sure has a set of strong lungs on her!

I love... that Kalvin is still so young and innocent! He loves to play with my kids because of this! I hope he never loses his innocence!

I love... how I can tell Natalie anything. We have been close for so long and she is one of the only people I trust. The only person I am closer to is my husband!

I love... that April is also a skilled violinist, like her big sister Natalie. She is so good, I love listening to her play! I hope she keeps it up through high school and college!

I love... that Kalvin is your average boy. With all of us girls in the family, we are glad to have a boy!

I love... how much my siblings enjoy dirt biking. Its a major part of our life and we love it!

I love... that my siblings are such good aunts and uncles to my children. Alan and Anna love them so much and they love them right back!

To my siblings, I love you so much! Happy Siblings Day!

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