Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Superstar Students!!

I just have to take a moment to say that I have THE BEST group of hip hop students ever! They rocked last night's dress rehearsal like it was no body's business! I am such a proud teacher right now! This recital will be so awesome!

Shopping with Aunt Sam was quite a feat with Alan and Anna but we still managed to have a good time. And I spent my own money on my first piece of clothing since BEFORE I had my children lol. I felt really guilty about it at the time lol, but I had to get a nice dress or something to wear for the recital Saturday. I didn't have anything nice to wear except for skirts I have owned since highschool and I am honestly tired of matching them with one of my boring tops. I was excited to go shopping at Ross because I love their reduced prices and their clothing too! I found a very cute strapless top thats black with blues, reds and yellows. It fits my students' first dance costume soooooooooo perfectly! They are supposed to wear primary colors too, I'm sure they will be so happy that we are all matching lol. I looooooove this dress too. It looks so elegant and regal, yet hippie and very Me at the same time. I bet you are reading this thinking, "What the HECK kind of dress did you get?"

I tried to get a good picture of it on the hanger, it didn't do it justice lol, but I will try it on later when Lon is home from work and have him take a picture of me. I am borrowing my friend's heels that are black, white and red. Cannot wait to try the whole outfit on together!!!!

Lon's Caddy has officially been totaled for the second time in its life, and there is no saving it this time. I am a little sad about it, I loved that car and I know that it was Lon's baby. But I keep reminding myself that this only means we will be able to get us a new car, and maybe actually a NEW CAR this time, not just new-to-us lol. That would be very nice, we have been loving driving the Explorer around. I am not sure if we want to look into getting an Explorer, but definitely something from that car category lol. I am tired of driving tiny cars and want something that I can feel safe driving my family around in! Our Caddy was our safe car and it got totaled, that really says something to me. I think about what would have happened if it was my car and the kids were with me, its just terrible!

Today, I have to get Lon's Caddy all cleaned out and ready to be scrapped. Then I am going to take the kids somewhere fun, I have yet to actually decide lol. I think we might go to a park, either that or the play area at the mall. Just somewhere fun for him to run around and be wild at lol.

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