Friday, April 12, 2013

All Worth it in the End

That's the mantra I kept repeating to myself ALL day yesterday lol. "It'll be all worth it in the end, it'll be all worth it in the end, it'll be all worth it in the end." Needless to say, yesterday was a hectic day for the kids and I. Since I had the day off, I got the family car to run a bunch of much needed errands, take Anna to her check up appointment and to take the kids to a park playdate with some friends. We dropped Lon off at work, then headed downtown to the courthouse.

Some of you may remember the car accident Lon was in last month? Well we are still under investigation with this because of the other driver. I have been at the police station way too many times this past month, and my claims rep wanted me to go there again. Let me explain why I don't like making this trip, although I am sure most of you mothers already know why. Our police station is downtown and well, its a police station. With criminals and scary people. My kids had to come down there with me almost every time and that makes me nervous. I mean, there can't be a SEPERATE waiting rooms for convicts AND normal people? Because sitting there between a bunch of convicts with two children who would rather be outside playing, is not fun.

But that's not even the begginning of it lol...

Before I even made it in there, I had to drive around and around the block, trying to find a spot. I finally decided to park down a block and walk with the kids. Well I spaced the stroller, so I had to carry Anna. But it was real windy out and while we were crossing the street, one of Anna's blankets blew off of her and flew down the street! Thankfully a lady walking with us ran after it, risking getting hit herself, to retrieve it. I would have just let it go, but I whole heartedly thanked her for doing that for us. There are still some good people in this world!

We were at the police station for over two hours. It was definitely a endurance test of sorts for me lol. We had 3 men, clearly handcuffed, sitting next to us. Alan and Anna were wild and hyper, not noticing how irritated these men were getting. Alan jumped from chair to chair, despite my many pleas for him to just pick one. Silly guy was bored, I couldn't blame him lol. Anna was really testing her voice on the echoey ceilings and it was LOUD let me tell you. I noticed one of the men started popping his gum loudly, that made me nervous lol.

Now in reality, we were in no danger and I was just being overly mama paranoid. We all know how that goes. I mean, there was a cop right there with us and there was no way anyone could have done anything. But we've all seen the shows, I am guilty of being anxious and paranoid in these types of environments.

We get things figured out and its past lunchtime. We are also already late to a playdate I had planned. Ugh. I decide to nurse Anna in the car but quickly trash that idea as we are crossing the street. Not far away from us and headed in our direction was a man yelling at no one. And he was angry. Every once and a while, a person would cross his path and he would shout and them, chasing after them. I stay with a group of people and we pass the man and I decide AGAINST nursing her in the car, before calling the emergency line. Whether that man had mental problems or was drunk, he clearly needed some help. I hope they were able to give him the assistence he needed.

We make it to the play date an hour later than planned. Its windy and rainy outside too. One of my friends has to leave early but we go for a short little walk with my other friend and her boys. We are only able to walk into the trails so far, due to Parks and Rec cutting trees nearby and time constraints. But the boys found "swords" and had a wonderful time running around and being wild.

The weather had some really pretty moments and the sky was just breathtaking! There were so many fluffy plump clouds everywhere! I love my Big Sky so much, it is always so clear and beautiful. One of the many reasons I love Montana!

We had to leave early to get to Anna's well baby check up. I miscalculated the distance from the park to her doctor's office and we were running late. I felt terrible that we arrived there almost ten minutes late. Later, it changed to relief when I found out that I had to reschedule her appointment. Her doctor was ill and out today. I rescheduled it for next week, went home and we all took a nap lol. What a day!
I always remind myself on hard days like these that it is always worth it. All this hard work and waiting does pay off, its just hard to remember when you are in the thick of the storm. But its all for my family and I would do anything for them. :)

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