Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Grand Second Anniversary at Asian Sea Grill

For our anniversary, I wanted to go somewhere new, exoctic and fun for dinner. We could not think of anywhere to go but after a bit, I decided to take Lon to one of my old favorites Bruno's Italian. Unfortunately, we got there way too late. They close around like 7 or 8, I totally forgot! Luckily, there was an Asian Sea Grill right next door! The perfect idea!

We ordered salmon sushi for appetizers and a different udon noodle meal for each of us. Lon also ordered himself a Topeko sushi and four different types of sake. We definitely were adventurous with our dinner lol!

The four types of sake Lon had were: Tozai Typhoon, Snow Maiden, Star Filled Sky, Tears of Dawn. The Snow Maiden was the coolest, it was very white while the rest were mostly clear. Lon drank all four in a very short time, yet says he did not feel much of anything lol. I got BOMBED the one time I tried sake and learned my lesson lol, so I could not believe that! :P But he enjoyed them very much!

Our food was delicious! The sushi was amazing, I have not had sushi in sooooooo long! I had at least four, and let me take a moment to rave about their sushi: it was sooo good! And very inexpensive too! We paid $9.99 for 8 sushi rolls! And they are worth so much more then that! Yum! I have found our new sushi place! And the udon noodle dish was just as good. I got mine with chicken. Mmmm, we'll just say I was very happy there would be leftovers lol. ;)

Now about this Topeko sushi... Lon really wanted to be adventurous and try something really exotic. Originally, he was looking at octopus sushi, even that is too much for me lol. But he settled on the Topeko, which he assumed was a fish. And he was right, in a certain way...

It was bright red fish eggs! Oh my word, they were so sick and nasty tasting too lol! So sorry, I tried it and it was sooooooo not my cup of tea. And I only tried a few eggs. Lon took a big bite from it and could barely contain himself lol! He kept laughing and turning really red, he finally went to the bathroom. It was a BRAND new experience for him, to say the least!

I am so glad that we were able to go out and get time to spend together without having to worry about the kids or anything. I love that we had a great time together, experienced some new things together and even had some laughs there too. What a great anniversary dinner, the best so far if I do say so myself! I love you Lon, thank you for making last night (and every night) so much fun.


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