Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Uncle Tyler!

Today is Uncle Tyler's 27th birthday!

Uncle Tyler always has this little joke he tells the kids and his family. He says, "I always tell everyone on April Fools Day that tomorrow is my birthday but no one ever believes me and I don't get it!" This always gets the kids to yell at him, "Because its April Fools! They think you are fooling them!" :) Makes me laugh everytime lol.

Tyler's mother has a slightly different story, about how she refused to have a baby on April Fool's Day and did everything she could to wait to have him. She was successful and had him the next day. It doesn't matter when he came, we are VERY glad he is here today!

Uncle Tyler is a busy man with work so we have yet to make plans with him to celebrate. Lon and I would like to take Aunt Sam and him out for dinner and drinks. Hopefully soon! :)

Happy birthday Uncle Tyler! We love you so very much!

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